• Villagers

    Conor O’Brien had just had his first major label release in Summer 2010 when his elder sister died.
  • Vincent Vincent & The Villians

    Their fully-realised songs feature taut rockabilly rhythms and grimy rock and roll riffs, twitchy late-70’s new wave and bleary-eyed rinky-dink pop.
  • Violens

    Blending the sun-kissed grooves of The Beach Boys with the garage strut of The Zombies, Violens look set to be yet another New York band to get a little excited about.
  • Vitalic

    Vitalic is the artist pseudonym of one French/Italian Pascal Arbez.
  • Vitascope

    Abstract, experimental British multimedia act
  • Vivian Girls

    Says Pitchfork: "Vivian Girls drop sweet girl-group melodies into proto-shoegaze squalls the way the Jesus & Mary Chain used to and the way groups like the Aislers Set have done w
  • volcano!

    Chicago-based volcano! are a mish-mash of styles and influences: their potions are potent and their squalls sumptuous.
  • Voom Voom

    Who says that Super groups never work out?
  • VV Brown

    VV Brown is a breaking-through solo artist in a mould not so dissimilar from a certain beehived drug addict.


    VV Brown plus backing band