• Red Snapper

    After forming in 1993 and releasing various EPs, Red Snapper debuted in 1996 with the album ‘Prince Blimey’, which was at the time a unique use of traditional jazz instrumentation with a contempor
  • Reigns

    Operatives A & B began recording for the Reigns organisation in 2002.
  • Remember Remember

    Remember Remember is Graeme Ronald - ex-The Royal We and Multiplies - plus assorted contributors. The music is lush, atmospheric and very accessible.
  • Remi Nicole

    Remi is from the new wave of London songwriters whose observational wit and real life tales reach out and speak directly to the hoards of online music consumers cutting through the usual industry crap
  • Renfro

    Left field Londoners Renfro combine avant garde classical influences with modern electronica. Blissful listening.


    Tim Branney , Atom James

  • Retro/Grade

    Since 2005, Serge Santiago and Tom Neville have been slowly cooking a career-defining album. What came out of the studio sessions was a perfect modern day Italo/disco sound, straight off the bat.
  • Reuben

    Very fast, very dangerous alt rock band from Surrey
  • Reverend & The Makers

    Initial demos alluded to a love of reggae and funk, something which the promo writers are still using to describe Reverend and the Makers.
  • Ric Branson

    Rappers’ retirements are usually forced or boring as hell, so let’s hear it for Ric Branson, the artist formerly known as Ricochet from Universal Soldiers, who’s about to go out on a high with h
  • Ricardo Villalobos

    Having just notched off a thirty-seventh year on the bedpost of life, Ricardo Villalobos finds himself in an enviable position.
  • Richard File

    It’s been two years since Unkle released the ambitiously groundbreaking follow up to their debut ‘Psyence Fiction’.
  • Richard Hawley

    Richard Hawley, the leather faced, bitter sweet singer renowned as the guitarist from legendary bands The Longpigs and Pulp is aghast about what the American’s have done to his cuppa.
  • Richard Swift

    Oregon based singer songwriter Richard Swift combines a novelists eye for detail with a love for 70s production values.


    Richard Swift

  • Richard Thompson

    Former Fairport Convention member with an ongoing solo career. Much respected as a guitarist and songwriter.


    Richard Thompson

  • Richard Walters

    Richard Walters is like most 26 year olds. However, unlike most 26 year olds, he writes dazzlingly beautiful, haunting and fragile songs.
  • Ridley Scott

    Renowned Hollywood director, born in South Shields, Endland. His CV boasts some of modern cinema's highest grossing - and most influential - films, including Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator.