• Q Tip

    From his early days collaborating with Nas on his classic 'Illmatic' album to playing in highly influential hip hop outfit A Tribe Called Quest, Queens-born hip hop hero Q Tip is a US rapper who relea
  • Q Tip

    Initially finding fame with A Tribe Called Quest, Q Tip went onto a successful solo career with hits such as 'Breath & Stop'.
  • Quarto 330

    A dubstep and grime freak from Tokyo, Quarta 330 combines chattering syncopated rhythms and depth charge bass with diseased game boy bleepery to create his own completely unique sound.
  • Queen / Paul Rodgers

    After the death of iconic frontman Freddie Mercury, Queen were left unable to continue. However, the recruitment of ex-Free star Paul Rodgers has given the group a new lease of life.
  • Queens of the Stone Age

    A thin plume of smoke twists through the air as Clash opens the door to Josh Homme’s plush hotel room.