• Pacific

    Swedish disco-house that had garnered plaudits from Sebastian Tellier and Justice



  • Padded Cell

    Richard Sen and Neil Beatnik are not normal people.
  • Palladium

    Ex session musicians buck the skinny jeans / Gang of Four trend to deliver music like it was in the old days. Think The Police, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan and Stevie Wonder. Set to support Mika.
  • Panic At The Disco

    Coming from Las Vegas, Panic At The Disco blend indie, pop and electronica to create a chart busting monster.
  • Panico

    Dirty punk group Panico hail from Chile yet are based in Paris.

    Made up of Glitch Mob's Ooah and Marty Party, who explains, “PANTyRAiD is a cross between the heavy and the soft - Josh’s soft emotional melodic landscape and then my hard bassy drumbeat to bring
  • Papercuts

    Acclaimed by the likes of Pitchfork and Spin, Papercuts (aka Jason Quever) crafts delicate moods wrapped in exquisite pop.
  • Parallel Animals

    London based indie band who sound quite chipper despite song titles such as "I Hope You Die Alone".
  • Paramore

    If you were 14, you'd love them.


    Hayley Williams, Josh Farro, Zac Farro, Jeremy Davis

  • Park Chan-wook

    Director of the Vengeance trilogy.


    Park Chan-wook

  • Parts & Labor

    Bursting out of New York, blustering rockers Parts & Labor's M.O. is to shake your bones with the best heavy melodies.
  • Party Ben

    San Francisco based producer Party Ben specialises in mash ups. His website has become a huge cult success as he joins such unlikely bedfellows as Beethoven with Kanye West.
  • Passenger

    Passenger’s 23-year-old Brighton-based frontman Mike Rosenberg is a rare thing… a young man, with all the enthusiasm and innocence of any other, who is capable, through his lyrics, of telling stor
  • Passion Pit

    Michael Angelakos’ accidental stumbling into fame has now ballooned into a Boston based five-piece band, Passion Pit, which surfs on electro-pop moments akin to Saint Etienne having a sleazy fondue wi
  • Past Lives

    Past Lives is born from the ashes of seminal art-punks The Blood Brothers; their first release, the 'Strange Symmetry' EP, was released via Seattle label Suicide Squeeze in 2008.
  • Patrick Watson

    Patrick has been immersed in music from an early age, and started collaborating with Simon Angell, the band’s guitarist, in his teens.
  • Patrick Wolf

    Patrick Wolf gets nose bleeds when he’s worried or tired – just like his dad, apparently - and right now, as he meets Clash in the bar of a rather posh London hotel he’s feeling weary.