• Obits

    Biography information from Wikipedia:
  • Ocean Colour Scene

    Emerging form the baggy scene in the early 90s, record label disputes kept OCS on the sidelines until the massively successful album 'Moseley Shoals' in 1996.
  • Octave One

    You can’t talk about techno without talking about Detroit. And you can’t talk about Detroit techno without talking about the Burden Brothers.
  • Odetta

    Folk legend and civil rights activist Odetta worked tirelessly to promote the artistry of African Americans. her death in 2008 robbed the world of one of its greatest voices.
  • of Montreal

    From Athens, Georgia, of Montreal are headed by Kevin Barnes and are spearfronting the second wave of Elephant 6 groups.
  • Officer Kicks

    Officer Kicks are hard workers, having had a previous opportunity wrenched from their grasp they regrouped, got back on the horse and are quickly making themsleves known across the nation.
  • Official Secrets Act

    Quirky indie pop from London, England. Boast of being influenced by Renaissance art. They were recently picked as the Guardian's band of the day.
  • Ok Go

    Ok Go are an American rock band most famous for their music video for 'A Million Ways' involving treadmills which went viral across the internet.
  • Okkervil River

    Cult texan folk-pop outfit, currently into their tenth year releasing albums. The band is also linked to psych-rock band Shearwater, who are made up of members of Okkervil.
  • Oliver Koletzki

    DJing since he was 18 in his hometown of Braunschweig, Oliver Koletzki moved to the creative hub that is Berlin in 2000 to study music and build a career, and within seven years he released the full l

    Born in Lagos to a Nigerian father and Kenyan mother, OLUGBENGA now resides in London’s East End after a childhood split between Nigeria and the Netherlands.
  • Om

    Psychedelic riff rock


    Al Cisneros , Emil Amos

  • Om Unit

    An electronic music producer and DJ from London.
  • OMD

    Orchestral Maneouvres In The Dark were founded in Liverpool and formed part of that city's vibrant post-punk scene.