• Neimo

    Shunned in their homeland of France due to their English language lyrics, Neimo went Westwards and signed to the American label, Shangri La Music.
  • Neko Case

    Celebrated Canadian songwriter


    Neko Case

  • Neon Neon

    Getting picked up in a DeLorean that ought to have a flux capacitor on the back to be ferried to your chat is, for a child of the ’80s, something of a treat. ‘But why?’ you may well ask.
  • New Order

    Legendary Manchester band, New Order emerged from the ashes of Joy Division to become one of the most successful indie bands of the 80s.
  • New Rhodes

    Originally based in Bristol, New Rhodes uprooted to London soon after their formation and haven't looked back.
  • New York Dolls

    The New York Dolls gave the five-year countdown to punk’s much-vaunted 1976 Year Zero.
  • New Young Pony Club

    The quintet is having an unbelievably hip moment right now and these two know it.
  • Nice Nice

    From Warp Records' press release:
  • Nick Harrison

    Born and raised in the working class beach town of Folkestone, Harrison’s knack for a tune was pledged at infancy with an innate fascination in the drums, a trade he remains fond of, recollecting hitt
  • Nickel Eye

    Centred around The Strokes' bassist Nikolai Fraiture, Nickel Eye recently released their debut album 'The Time Of The Assassins' unveiling a folk influenced sound and guest appearances from Yeah Yeah