• N.A.S.A.

    N.A.S.A. is the brainchild of lifelong friends Squeak E.
  • N.E.R.D.

    American group who mix hip hop, funk and rock to become an incredible live band.


    Pharrell Williams , Chad Hugo , Shay Haley

  • N.W.A.

    Standing for 'nigga with attitude' N.W.A. were one of rap's first major West Coast crews.
  • Nada Surf

    French-American act best known for their hit "Popular".
  • Nadja

    Nadja are an experimental duo from Toronto, Canada, whose M.O.
  • Napoleon IIIrd

    A one-man pop machine and his reel to reel, Napoleon IIIrd sometimes conducts his live experiments in surround sound and other times, does not. Sometimes he has a band, but mostly does not.
  • Nathan Fake

    Nathan Fake is a musician from Norfolk, who left his hometown aged 18 and now has a bedroom studio in Hackney.
  • Natty

    With influences including Fela Kuti, Lee Perry and Jimi Hendrix, Natty is a newcomer on the UK circuit with a summery sound and strong image.
  • Natty

    Twenty-four-year-old folk/reggae/rock artist Natty doesn’t just transcend musical genres.
  • Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation

    Avant garde collective based in Oslo, Norway. Their music sits between jazz, dub, funk and electronica. Former PiL alumni Keith Levene sometimes collaborates.
  • Neil Burrell

    Mercurial Mancunian and his psych-folk whimsy
  • Neil Diamond

    Legendary songwriter Neil Diamond is the latest artist to benefit from a late career renaissance due to the healing hands of Rick Rubin.
  • Neil Landstrumm

    About as far from the cosmetic glow sticks and neon hoodies currently cluttering the hollow nu-rave scene as you can get, Landstrumm is an artist who has put in the years down at the nocturnal coalfac
  • Neil Marshall

    Director of Doomsday, The Descent and Dog Soldiers.


    Neil Marshall

  • Neil Young

    Canadian born singer songwriter Neil Young first burst onto the scene with Buffalo Springfield.
  • Neil Young

    Legendary figure in American music. His "Harvest" album defined the early 70s singer-songwriter style, but a career drawing from the left-field then followed.