• M Ward

    M Ward is an American singer / songwriter. Part of a wave of artists working in Portland, Oregon, he combines Americana influences with an avant garde sensibility.
  • M. Night Shyamalan

    Director of The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village and The Happening, renowned for his late twists.


    M. Night Shyamalan

  • M.I.A.

    MIA is in full swing.
  • M83

    M83 is, nowadays, the solo project of Anthony Gonzalez, based in Antibes, France. M83's 'Saturdays=Youth' album, their fifth, was released in April 2008 to highly positive reviews.
  • Madlib

    Over the last fifteen years the California-based workhorse has made a name for himself as a prolific hip-hop producer, rapper and DJ whilst remaining under the mainstream radar.
  • Madness

    Bursting out of London this seven piece ska / rocksteady group blazed a trail across the 80s chart scene scoring more Top 40 single entries than any other group (apart form UB40 who shares the record)
  • Madonna

    Globe trotting, generation spanning musical chameleon.
  • Maelstrom

    Joan Mael Peneau, aka Maelstrom, has broken all the current trends in the breakbeat scene, establishing his party sounds in a market flooded by nu-skool, tear-out and hard-style breakbeat artists.
  • Magazine

    Not content with spearheading punk and indie ethics with the original incarnation of Buzzcocks, Howard Devoto left the group to form the incomparable Magazine.
  • Magic Arm

    Raised in Brighton, Marc Rigelsford is something of a folk bard, washing a pine-scented rural quality over modern electronics as if his songs were penned on the bark of a tree trunk before being force
  • Magic Wands

    The story behind the formation of The Magic Wands, AKA Chris and Dexy Valentine, is like the plotline of some lost American literary classic.
  • Magik Markers

    Magik Markers are a noise rock band from Hartford, Connecticut. The members, Elisa Ambrogio, Pete Nolan and Leah Quimby started the band in their basement in 2001.
  • Magistrates

    Hailing from the Essex bedroom of guitarist Mark Brandon (it’s where they recorded the album and video to single ‘Make This Work’)
  • Magnolia Electric Co.

    Magnolia Electric Co. is a group fronted by Jason Molina, who'd previously performed under the Songs: Ohia moniker.
  • Major Lazer

    Major Lazer is the digital reggae, bastard dancehall, twisted roots lovechild of Diplo and Switch following a creative excursion to the sunny shores of Jamaica, most notably the studios of Tuff Gong.
  • Malajube

    It’s probably better to have this discussion away from your Granny, but to be ‘sick’ used to be a bad thing. These days to be ‘sick’ is a good thing.