• L-vis 1990

    London based hyper dub / electro guru


    L-Vis 1990

  • La Priest

    An offshoot of the marvellous Late Of The Pier, La Preist allow their 8-Bit influences to run wild.


    la priest, erol alkan

  • La Roux

    80's indebted electro sheen with a brain. Set to soar in 09.


    Elly Jackson aka La Roux

  • Lady Sovereign

    Lady Sovereign exploded onto mainstream radars in 2006 with her debut album 'Public Warning'. Album two, 'Jigsaw', is expected in 2009.
  • Ladyhawke

    Born in New Zealand, made her name in Sydney, Ladyhawke has now emigrated to London to pursue her electro pop delights.
  • Ladytron

    Liverpool electro-sleaze four piece
  • Lambchop

    Cult American act Lambchop have been lead by Kurt Wagner for over 20 years. Perhaps best known for 2000's 'Nixon' album, the band are amongst the most consistently praised of their generation.
  • Land Of Talk

    Montreal based indie group, now signed to One Little Indian.


    Elizabeth Powell , Chris McCarron , Eric Thibodeau

  • Laroca

    It might be an exaggeration to say that Laroca (Rob Pollard and Olly Wakeford) make music like nothing you've ever heard before – but it’s pleasingly impossible to describe their heady, uplifting
  • Larrikin Love

    On record Larrikin Love are a helter-skelter melting pot of influences and sounds. Something you might expect to find in an enchanted forest - music made by gifted pixies and elves.
  • Lars von Trier

    Danish director of films such as Breaking The Waves and Dogville.


    Lars von Trier

  • Late Of The Pier

    Four piece from Castle Donington, thankfully forsaking their geographic preference for Heavy Metal.
  • Laura Marling

    The pretty folk pop of Laura Marling is set to take the world by storm, and she’s not even old enough to buy a pint. But it’s not about the age. “Age is just a gimmick.
  • Laurent Garnier

    French techno producer. Garnier began DJ-ing in Manchester in the late 80s, and developed his own unique take on deep house and techno.
  • Layo & Bushwacka!

    Layo & Bushwacka! are one of electronic music’s most esteemed duos.
  • LCD Soundsystem

    In 2002 his LCD Soundsystem project grabbed the industry by its bloated balls and absolutely rattled them.