• Kano

    UK Grime figurehead who has a third album '140 Grime St' about to drop, showcasing his skills along with guests Wiley, Ghetto and Skepta



  • Kanye West

    Surrounded by a solid wall of muscle and shackled by a diamond encrusted pendant that would render lesser men horizontal, Kanye West was in Las Vegas to host a night at Heineken’s Thirst Studio Glob
  • Kap Bambino

    Kap Bambino are vocalist Caroline Martial and laptop commander Orion Bouvier; the pair exude a strong DIY ethic, and are uncompromising in their pursuit of out-there pop sounds.
  • Karima Francis

    With a voice as striking as her appearance and a natural ability to effortlessly disappear into her songs and make a crowd believe her lyrics,
  • Kasabian

    A band named after one of the Charles Manson murderers would usually be one of those bands who eat live chickens as a snack and live in crypts - don’t panic; they just liked the name.
  • Kasi Lemmons

    Female American director and actress. She appeared in Silence of The Lambs as well as directing, amongst others, Eve's Bayou and The Caveman's Valentine.
  • Kasms

    Artist biography as provided by PR... KASMs are London-based Rachel Mary Callaghan, Gemma Fleet, Scott R. Walker and Rory
  • Kate Nash

    Female Singer Songwriter from London
  • Kathryn Williams

    Newcastle singer / songwriter, nominated for a Mercury with her album "Little Black Numbers".


    Kathryn Williams

  • Katy Perry

    US Pop sensation who had a hit with 'I Kissed A Girl' and released album 'One Of The Boys' in 2008


    Katy Perry : Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

  • Kav

    After hosting the infamous Get Loaded nights, and being personally invited to join the re-united Happy Mondays, it’s fair to say that Kav is a bit of a party animal.
  • Keane

    Gazillion selling, Piano-bothering indie-pop band
  • Kenan Bell

    California rappers may have an image that sits more on the side of 2Pac than that of a school teacher, but Kenan Bell doesn't care for any gangster braggadocio. The L.A.
  • Kenneth Bager

    Kenneth Bager became a DJ in the late eighties in Copenhagen, where he formed the acid house ‘Coma’ parties, the Danish equivalent to London’s Shoom and Spectrum parties.
  • Kevin Devine

    Kevin Devine is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter, soon to release his fifth album 'Brother's Blood' on Big Scary Monster Records.