• I Am Kloot

    Twisted Mancs are both "Gods and Monsters"
  • I Was A Cub Scout

    Two man synth pop band. The group began in each other's bedrooms before eventually reaching Radio 1 and MTV.
  • Ian Brown

    In late 80’s Britain, rave culture exploded and The Stone Roses were the only young rock band that mattered.
  • Ian McGarry

    Director of "Johnny Cash: Cash In Ireland"
  • Ice Cube

    American rapper and actor Ice Cube began life as a member of incendiary hip hop posse NWA. With his hard rhymes based on his life in the ghettos of Compton, LA, Ice Cube revolutionized rap.
  • Icy Demons

    Icy Demons’ altered pop music draws on a vast musical vocabulary, sometimes within a single song, transporting the listener to exotic locations with songs of dreams and endurance, alien paranoia and
  • Ida Maria

    Norwegian female fronted indie pop.
  • Idlewild

    Scots indie legends Idlewild have grown from cult Edinburgh noiseniks into becoming elegiac stadium filling (well small ones) legends.
  • Iggy Pop

    The infamous self destructive rock'n'roll animal, Iggy Pop is still an unreproachable performer giving 110% as he performs around the globe.
  • Iglu & Hartly

    There are worse ways to make an entrance into the minds and hearts of UK residents than a promo campaign in which five young male band members run butt-naked off a cliff pursued by savage dogs.
  • Imperial Leisure

    Horn drenched melodies that mix ska, hip hop, techno and rock 'n' roll. A unique blend of old and new, like a Pogues for the nu-rave generation.
  • Infadels

    London based band signed to Wall of Sound. Debut album "We Are Not The Infadels" was produced by Jagz Kooner, and released to critical acclaim.
  • Interpol

    It’s been almost three years since Interpol’s gloomy rock masterpiece ‘Antics’ blasted its way over to the UK.
  • Ipso Facto

    London four-piece Ipso Facto make icy, monochrome garage-pop and are set to release their debut album in 2009.
  • Iron And Wine

    Born Sam Beam, Iron And Wine signed to Sub Pop and began issuing plaintive acoustic laments with unusual instrumentation and evocative lyrics.