• Heartbreak

    Spring '08 sees the arrival of Metallo; the delicate fusion of Heavy Metal and Italo Disco, courtesy of 'Heartbreak' a cultured yet polarised musical duo demanding Iron Maiden's Eddie gubs a double di
  • Hector Zazou

    Prolific French composer and record producer, who worked with Sandy Dillon, Mimi Goese, Barbara Gogan, Sevara Nazarkhan, Carlos Nuñez, Italian group PGR, Anne Grete Preux, Laurence Revey and many more
  • Hello Wembley

    Reading based synth punk carnage. After wrecking venues across the country the six piece group will now release their debut single "Up Great Britain".
  • Hellsongs

    Hellsongs are three mild mannered Swedes giving a new perspective to some well known Eighties Metal classics.
  • Hercules and Love Affair

    New York based collective, including Antony Hegarty - sometimes of Antony and the Johnsons fame.


    Hercules and love affair , antony hegarty

  • Herman Dune

    French duo Herman Duo formed back in 1999 as a trio and after a long and twisting journey are a duo with numerous side and solo project under their belts as well as ten albums proper.
  • Herve

    Dance music is a hypochondriac. It dies, according to various media, about three times a year.
  • Hey Negrita

    Heading up the UK's current Roots revival and also the lead stars in Alex Walker's new docu-film 'We Dreamed America', Hey Negrita (yes the name is taken from a Stones track) are an ever-suited five-p
  • High Frequency Bandwidth

    High Frequency Bandwidth are Alex Paterson, most famous as The Orb's guiding light, and chum Dom Breken.
  • High Places

    High Places is Mary and Rob. Mary and Rob craft music that's like an underwater disco, slowed from 45 to 33; it's sensual and soothing, full of flights of fancy and dashes of introspection.
  • Hjaltalin

    With a song named 'Debussy' it’s no surprise that this Icelandic bassoon toting septet pretty much embody the age old elegance the legendary French pianist had in mind, albeit with a lot more bounce
  • Hockey

    Hockey strike out from their basement HQ beneath their shared house in Poprtland, Oregon, they cite Bowie, The Beatles and Springsteen as influences in the same breath as Santogold and M.I.A..
  • Hold Fire

    Formed by 3 school friends (and a recruited drummer) Hold Fire were recently invited to record with Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers, Idlewild) with the results gaining the band a lot of attention.
  • Holy Fuck

    Canadian improvisational electronic group. Hailing from Toronto the band are part of Dependent Music, a Nova Scotia artistic collective.
  • Holy Ghost Revival

    Originally from Seattle, these wild indie rockers moved to London after signing to 1965 Records.


    Holy Ghost Revival

  • Hoodlums

    Hoodlums are a quartet fom Southend making a racket with their skiffle punk sound and sharp image.
  • Horace Andy

    Reggae legend, and owner of one of the finest larynxes in the musical world.