• Hadouken!

    If the current Indie soundscape is a pint of Guinness, Hadouken!’s future vision is a 12 pack of Red Bull.
  • Hafdis Huld

    Former Gus Gus member Huld, now relocated to the UK, who has enjoyed some success with her 'Dirty Paper Cup' album. Also finds time to act in a number of Icelandic films.
  • Hammock

    Hammock, hailing from Nashville, make music for the stars - serene and otherworldly.


    Marc Byrd, Andrew Thompson

  • Hans Joachim Roedelius

    German electronic composer Roedelius was true pioneer, working with often extremely rudimentary equipment to create startlingly forward thinking music.
  • Har Mar Superstar

    Famed for performing is his tighty whiteys, Har Mar is a rather normal looking sex bomb.


    Har Mar Superstar

  • Hard-Fi

    Bursting out of the Staines slums in 2006, Hard Fi's Debut 'Stars Of CCTV' mixed punk,Dub, and Pop with slick, commercial production.
  • Harmonic 313

    Harmonic 313 is the alter-ego of Mark Pritchard, maker of beats most crafty.


    Mark Pritchard

  • Harmony Korine

    Director of Gummo, Julien Donkey-boy and Mister Lonely.


    Harmony Korine

  • Harvard Bass

    Born into a family with a musical taste steeped in rich Mexican culture, Victor Hugo Ramos was born with rhythm in his veins.
  • Hatcham Social

    London based three-piece. Musically inclined siblings Toby and Finn Kidd met up with David Fineberg to discuss a mutual love of the Beach Boys and Postcard Records.
  • Haunts

    Haunts dress smart and play catchy, synth-heavy noir tunes packed with spiky guitar riffs, general disdain, and the occasional, blood-curdling scream that skirts the glam-Goth of The Horrors to create
  • Hawnay Troof

    Vice Cooler, a.k.a Hawnay Troof, has had more musical involvement than you have eaten hot dinners and lunches, elevenses and brunches with a cargo of remixes, singles and two albums to date.
  • Hayseed Dixie

    Bluegrass & roots as played by trashcan comedy punk loons
  • Headhunter

    It didn’t take long for BMX-riding “council estate rebel” Antony Williams to make his mark.
  • Headman

    Robi Insinna, a.k.a. Headman, is the founder of Relish Records. Founded in 2001, the first release on Relish was from Manhead (a.k.a.

    A product, of sorts, of LA's Smell venue and its surrounding scene, HEALTH create a mighty racket that's rhythmically adventurous and powerfully bombastic.