• Colin McIntyre

    Former curator of the Mull Historical Society, McIntyre now records under his own name.
  • Compost

    Rediscovered European disco.
  • Copy Haho

    Hailing from Stonehaven, Copy Haho's accessible indie-pop is enjoyably breezy, but not afraid to twist itself from time to time.
  • Cornelia

    Cornelia is the latest artist out of Sweden's Ramjac label, a suitable home given her electronic styled singer/songwriter vibe.



  • Cornershop

    Long running and extremely influential British act Cornershop were part of a wave of British-Asian bands to blend rock with Indian music.
  • Counting Crows

    Based in Berkley, California his group became the first unknowns to play at the Rock 'n' Roll hall of fame.
  • Courtney Love

    Courtney Love is an American singer primarily with the band Hole. She famously married Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and has had an eventful private life played out in the public eye.
  • Courtney Pine

    Emerging from a young generation of jazz musicians in the early 80s, Courtney Pine embodied a new spirit in British music.
  • Craig Gillespie

    Director of Lars and the Real Girl.


    Craig Gillespie

  • Craze 24

    Proud UK rapper who recently released 'You Don't Have To Be American'


    Craze 24

  • Crazy P

    Electronic group initially called Crazy Penis. Now over a decade old, the adventures of Crazy P have included some acclaimed albums including "24 Hour Psychedelic Freakout".
  • Creaky Boards

    There should be an artist description here, but: http://www.myspace.com/creakyboards



  • Cristian Nemescu

    Director of California Dreamin' (Endless)


    Cristian Nemescu

  • Crookers

    Crookers began in 2003 when two DJs, nicknamed Phra and Bot, met and paired up over a shared love of hip hop, house and the emerging skewed, bass heavy sounds pioneered by Switch in the UK and Diplo i
  • Crystal Antlers

    You may wince at the inclusion of yet another Crystal-name-checking outfit (this year's Black __?) , but Crystal Antlers are worthy of your attention.
  • Crystal Castles

    Toronto based synth punk band, Crystal Castles blend dissonant noise with a keen sense of what will rock the dancefloor.