• Chairlift

    From NYC, Chairlift have soundtracked an iPod ad with their 'Bruises' song; expect success to come their way a la previous Apple conspirators.
  • Charlie Parker

    Hugely influencial Jazz saxophonist and one of the founders of the BeBop movement
  • Chateau Marmont

    Four Frenchmen, childhood friends, united in their love of synth music: dare we say it’s a tale of mystery and imagination, of friendship and self-discovery?
  • Chaz Jankel

    Former Ian Dury Collaborator and man behind triple A-side "Glad to Know You"/"3,000,000 Synths"/"Ai no Corrida."
  • Cherbourg

    London four-piece Cherbourg have been making smart tongues wag and young hearts flutter in the capital for a few months now.
  • Cherry Ghost

    Manchester indie soul band. Based around the voice of Simon Aldred, the band have scored a top ten album in the acclaimed "Thirst For Romance".
  • Chew Lips

    A couple of micro-Korgs, a couple of really old-school Casios, a bass guitar, a laptop and a drum machine… Chew Lips’ singer Tigs could feasibly be listing the instrumental line-up of every band t
  • Choir Of Young Believers

    Denmark’s Choir Of Young Believers describe their music as ‘orchestral pop’ and they seem intent on backing that claim up.
  • Chris Kraus

    German director of Four Minutes


    Chris Kraus

  • Chris Waitt

    Director of A Complete History of My Sexual Failures


    Chris Waitt

  • Christopher D Ashley

    Christopher D Ashley was brought up in a classical environment, before abandoning that for just about any scene that would take him.
  • Chromeo

    Electrofunk duo from US and Canada, spend their time sleazing up dancefloors between New York and Montreal.