• C.S.S (Cansei De Ser Sexy)

    “I’m tired of being sexy,” whined R ‘n’ B diva Beyonce a few years back, and as she was lacking a talented PR with a strip of gaffa or a well aimed staple gun, six creative Brazilians lurkin
  • Cadence Weapon

    Canadian rapper. Real name the entirely un-rock 'n' roll Rollie Pemberton
  • Cage The Elephant

    The five-piece from Kentucky are in London as part of a whirlwind self-financed showcase jaunt.
  • Cajun Dance Party

    Whatever the terminology, Cajun Dance Party definitely have it. The youthful North London quintet have enjoyed a rise that can confidently be described as meteoric, even in the modern indie climate.
  • Calexico

    Country rock collective hailing from Tuscon, Arizona, deeply influenced by the sounds of neighbouring Mexico.
  • Calories

    Massive indie-pop sparkling with energy, Calories must surely burn a few in their epic pursuit of sharp indie perfection.
  • Calvin Harris

    One of the best selling producers in Britain right now, Calvin Harris blends underground dance styles with a pop touch.
  • Camille

    A blend of intense passion and innocent playfulness, Camille inhabits her songs in the manner of a great theatre actress.
  • Camp Actor

    London based electro pop two piece, making great waves on the back of their combination of synth melodies and human warmth.
  • Candie Payne

    From the moment the Spector-esque drums sound and the impassioned vocal begins, ‘All I Need to Hear’, Candie Payne’s debut single, which received a vinyl-only release earlier this year, it’s i
  • Canon Blue

    Ambient folk from Tennessee, also known as Daniel James
  • Caper

    Caper broke onto the dubstep scene in 2008 with his debut release 'Hybrid/Friction' on Studio Rockers, drawing from elements of dub, garage and breaks to create an instant dancefloor hit.
  • Captain

    London art-rockers to command of the charts, they formed in 2005. They were originally influenced by bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, The Beach Boys and My Bloody Valentine.
  • Captain Black

    Folk influenced London street urchins.


    Keith Austin , Sam Relleen , Simon Shields , Mark Austin , Johnny Manning

  • Captain Phoenix

    Their vocalist Ben Burrows is lil' Bro of Razorlight 'nice man' and tub-thumper Andy Burrows...fact fans.
  • Captive State

    Named after a book by environmental writer George Monbiot, Captive State are built around the friendship of Joe Kennedy and Tom Bootie.
  • Carbon / Silicon

    Band formed around two punk legends: Mick Jones of the Clash and Tony James of Generation X.