• Battle

    Tales of bands holed up in the studio indulging their sordid vices in a blurred mess of nymphomania and narcotics are the stuff of rock and roll cliché, but witnessing Battle lay down their debut in
  • Battles

    Glam rock is currently going through something of a reappraisal.
  • BB King

    Legendary blues artist Riley B King's career now stretches over five decades. A wonderful guitar player and singer, it is for his songwriting that he his most remembered.
  • Be Your Own Pet

    Be Your Own Pet were a four-piece freak out rock band from Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Beady Eye

    Leaving behind the ruins of Oasis iconic frontman Liam Gallagher quickly assembled a new group. An instant talking point, the retro stylings of Beady Eye have split fans across the country.
  • Beardyman

    Legendary beatboxer whose appearances have become cult viewing on sites such as youtube.
  • Beastie Boys

    They’ve been around since the late 70s but they’re still as influential as ever.
  • Beat Connection

    Beat Connection’s members – the duo of Jordan Koplowitz and Reed Juenger – met in summer 2008, in that first youthful flush of “hey wait, I don’t live with my parents anymore...” and began
  • Beat The Radar

    Jonny: Vocals Laurie: Guitar Rowan: Bass / Backing Vocals Adam: Drums “Fuck looking like a fashionista: this is indie music as it’s meant to be... they mean every word.” The Fly
  • Beck

    Beck first found international fame a decade ago with the so-called Generation X slacker anthem, ‘Loser’.
  • Beirut

    New York child prodigy Zach Condon blends balkan folk music to indie.
  • Bell X1

    Already a huge success in the U.S.
  • Belle & Sebastian

    Glasgow's much loved indie Godfathers (and mothers). Led by Stuart Murdoch they breathed new life into the 'indie' genre before experimenting with pop production with impressive results.