• Air

    Air’s Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel are tucked away in a dimly lit private dining room in a posh West London hotel.
  • Airborne Toxic Event

    Following the huge success of their single 'Sometime Around Midnight' that bagged the Track Of The Year award from i Tunes, newcomers The Airborne Toxic Event are set for big things in '09.
  • AJ Schnack

    Director of Kurt Cobain: About A Son


    AJ Schnack

  • AK Momo

    Sweden’s AK Momo are a duo, comprising musical archaeologist Mattias Olsson and singer/lyricist/keyboardist Anna Karin von Malmborg.
  • Akimbo

    Hardcore hair metal...from Seattle
  • Al Green

    Legendary soul-man turned man of God, the Reverend Al Green is a living legend of modern music.


    Al Green

  • Alabama 3

    Brixton's finest techno-bluesmen.


    Alabama 3

  • Alan Pownall

    Flicking through Alan Pownall’s Rolodex will give you a fair impression of the musical company he keeps: there’s Adele - she personally invited the singer to support her on tour; Mumford And Sons
  • Albert Hammond Jr

    “Buddy Holly is the whole reason why I picked up a guitar and got into music in the first place,” pipes Strokes afro-sex god Albert Hammond Jr.
  • Alec Empire

    Former lynch-pin of Atari Teenage Riot, Alec Empire has sought to define the sound of Berlin for nearly two decades.
  • Alela Diane

    Inspired by nature and family Diane weaves a meditative spell with voice and acoustic guitar.


    Alela Diane

  • Alessi's Ark

    Alessi began making music at 14. She decided to leave school at 16 and pursue a musical career.
  • Alex Holdridge

    Director of In Search of a Midnight Kiss


    Alex Holdridge

  • Alex Metric

    With modern electronic music, there’s sometimes a tendency to take things, shall we say, ‘a little too seriously’.
  • Alex Smoke

    “Melancholic melodic electronic” are the words Alex uses to describe his music.
  • Alex Zane

    Radio and TV broadcaster and personality


    Alex Zane