• !!!

    Single ‘Me And Giuliani Down By the Schoolyard’ and 2004’s ‘Louden Up Now’ album saw the California/Oregon/New York collective signed up by Warp in the UK and jettisoned to the forefront of
  • !K7

    Berlin dance collective
  • 1000 Names

    Hip Hop newcomers hailing from Bulgaria, duo 99 Mistakes and Casio Blaster are crusading against the tired, plodding beast that is commercial hip hop.
  • 120 Days

    The Oslo foursome have spent the last few months ripping-up America and Europe with their blend of latter day Primal Scream guitar licks and krautrock rhythms.
  • 1990's

    Sometimes when you’re speaking to the next-best-thing in music you encounter a band so pretentious in their responses that you develop an instant dislike and overwhelming feeling of disdain for them
  • 2020Soundsystem

    2020Soundsystem have forged a name for themselves as one of the best new live bands from the UK.
  • 2562

    Dubstep with added glitch from the Hague.


    Dave Huismans

  • 30 Seconds To Mars

    Hollywood actor Jared Leto's hobby


    Jared Leto , 30 Seconds From Mars

  • 4 Hero

    For old scene heads 4hero, it’s been a long journey from illegal shows in north London warehouses to being radio staples and Mercury Music Prize nominated doyens of the dinner party soundtrack.
  • 4 Or 5 Magicians

    4 or 5 Magicians are a hootin', tootin', rock 'n' roll band based in popular Sussex seaside resort Brighton.
  • 65daysofstatic

    Hailing from Sheffield, 65daysofstatic (or 65days, or 65dos) mix post-rock signatures with epic, anthemic dance motifs and crunching riffs to put many a metal head to shame.
  • 747s

    Surprise in the unknown has inspired the 747s since their humble beginnings in Dublin, where Ned and founding guitarist Oisin Leech met at Trinity College.
  • 808 State

    808 State are those Manchester giants of early Nineties dance, dominating the charts as well as the dancefloor with hits like 'Cubik', 'Pacific State' and 'Olympik'.
  • 80kidz

    Following in the footsteps of genre-mashing electronic artists such as Surkin, M.I.A, The Bang Gang DJs and Vitalic, 80kidz, hailing from Japan, are ready to show the world what Tokyo can do.
  • A Camp

    Taking time off from the Cardigans, Nina Persson began recording material which found a few admirers. With her band members taking time off, Persson recruited Niclas Frisk to flesh out the material.
  • A Certain Ratio

    A bunch of kids in love with tribal funk, Factory Records' mainstays A Certain Ratio were equally fired up by punk and art rock.
  • A Guy Called Gerald

    One of Manchester’s finest, most respective, innovative and forward thinking home-grown techno producers, A Guy Called Gerald’s fame spread outwards from the global 88 hit that he’ll never escap