Zombie Zombie

Zombie Zombie

A deliciously retro-futuristic proposition

Zombie Zombie
Zombie Zombie is Etienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neman. A free-jazz saxophonist, sound engineer and electronic handyman by day, Jaumet is the man behind the machines, playing a dizzying array of synthesisers from his vast collection. Neman (of Herman Dune fame) is the heartbeat of the band, supplying drums, percussion, noises, screams and sound effects. On record, guest guitarists Romain Turzi (Turzi), Jay (Friction) and David Ivar Herman Dune swell the ranks. Together, Jaumet and Neman make a sound inspired by their mutual love of cult movies, the counter-culture and music by electronic and Krautrock pioneers such as Silver Apples, Suicide, Terry Riley and Neu! Conceived as the soundtrack to an imaginary film their debut album, ‘A Land For Renegades’, places them squarely in that firmament, blending jazz influences with far-out electronic sounds and deep grooves. Recorded and mixed in summer 2006 at the Zombie-Zombie sound research laboratories in Saint Ouen, northern Paris, it’s a deliciously retro-futuristic proposition, like a postcard from a time before house music hi-jacked the electronic music scene. Tellingly, an early gig saw them share a bill with French Moog pioneer Jean Jacques Perrey. The duo’s next album, ‘Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter’ is the next logical step on their journey into the alt-kraut, minimal ambience induced reverie of their own psychoses. Reinterpreting the work of genre master and composer Carpenter, this release combines live, militaristic rhythm, minimal synth lines and intimated fear to push the legendary film maker’s vision into something horrific yet beautiful, dark yet beguiling. Produced by French visionary Joakim, the album is an intense snapshot of three artists pushing each other further into the depths of disco’s dark side and Kraut’s unremitting melody.


Etienne Jaumet , Cosmic Neman


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