Thieves Like Us

Thieves Like Us

Parisian dance trio...

Thieves Like Us
Paris-based trio Thieves Like Us met each other at a picnic in Berlin in the early '00s. Two-thirds Swedish (Berghe and Berglund) and one-third American (Grier) together they make rib-rattling post-punk electronica. In a foreign city where they didn’t speak the language, they headed out to Berlin’s bars and clubs where they found themselves overcome with substandard techno and electro. This encouraged them to start DJing themselves with a selection of old krautrock, Italo disco, French filter house, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Factory Records, and hip-hop records. Obviously the Berliners didn’t take to their crossover sets - it probably was because of the inconsistency in BPMs. The band relocated to Paris, and in June 2009 released their debut album 'Play Music'. The album is laden with mellow synths and hazy vocals, reminiscent of new-wave bands such as New Order, Wire and the Pet Shop Boys. The album flits between disco, hip hop and darker electronica. MySpace


Pontus Berghe (drums), Bjorn Berglund (keyboards), Andy Grier (vocals)


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