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As we arrive, those already present are divided up into three rooms: the main room, where all the cameras and crew are working and filming; the extras room, where all the assembled dancers, extras and friends can mingle and find escape from the heat of the day; and the band room, where the stars of the show relax in the intimate surroundings of friends and colleagues. Carl Dalermo chugs on a lunchtime beer while challenging all around him for a game of pool. Björn Agren casually tries on various shirts from the rail of clothes for their selection in the corner. Andy Burrows is running excitedly from room to room with his little brother in tow, eagerly darting from friend to friend and wrapping his arm warmly around each one’s shoulders. Johnny Borrell is sitting in the corner, his hair being styled and make up applied as he stares into the mirror. He is resplendent in white, a dazzling presence that beams with confidence all day.


Johnny Borrell , Carl Dalermo , Björn Agren , Andy Burrows


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