London-based rock with epic overtones

Prego are a London five-piece whose soaring, anthemic songs have set critical ears alight in recent months. "Prego are brilliant. They make massive-bollocked 'new shoe' rock and will make you feel so much in heat you'll rub your arse ragged on the new lino" - NME “They’ve choruses the size of new-build Far East skyscrapers and breakdowns as skin-prickling as the finest instrumentalists out there in post-rock land” – Drowned in Sound “So slick is their set one can’t see past the dollar signs flashing neon in the eyes of the assembled industry types. Previous comparisons have been made to Death Cab for Cutie; tonight suggests that this London quintet are capable of a rock far mightier” – Rocksound Magazine Find them on MySpace


Edd Simpson, Caspar Williamson, Will Leslie, Simon Britcliffe, Paul Jennings


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