Octave One

Detroit's fraternal techno duo

You can’t talk about techno without talking about Detroit. And you can’t talk about Detroit techno without talking about the Burden Brothers. As Octave One, Lawrence and Lenny Burden blasted on to the scene in 1990 with ‘I Believe’ on Derrick May’s legendary Transmat label, before setting up their own 430 West imprint and its electro-orientated sister Direct Beat. Over the next decade the brothers delivered a series of consistently killer tracks – bringing in younger siblings Lance, Lorne and Lynell and using aliases such as Random Noise Generation and KSR – that found their way into the record boxes of just about every house and techno DJ on the planet, before landing an enormous crossover hit with ‘Blackwater’ in 2000.


Lawrence Burden, Lenny Burden


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