Canadian doom-drone ambience...

Nadja are an experimental duo from Toronto, Canada, whose M.O. as such is to blur the lines between metallic drone and blissful ambience - think My Bloody Valentine wading through Jesu sludge, or Isis with the vocals cleaned up and the atmosphere set to uplifting rather than skull-crushing. Or: think none of the above, and simply listen to the band. That's probably your best bet. Since 2003 the pair (well, originally just Baker) have confused critics with a succession of intoxicating long-play releases, always mixing brutality with ethereal splendour to fantastic effect. As much as people pin comparisons to them - Swans and Sunn O))) to name two more - they shake them free, always arriving at some new place from another unexpected tangent. 2009's covers LP, 'When I See The Sun It Always Shines On TV', only confused matters further, collecting together the band's own versions of classics by MBV, Elliott Smith, The Cure and - *ahem* - A-ha. Seriously. You need to hear it. MySpace


Aidan Baker, Leah Buckareff


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