Marcel Knopf

Dj and vinyl advocate

In 1997 the Daft Punk album ‘Homework’ changed the view of electronic music for many people, including Marcel Knopf. He started collecting vinyl feverishly to achieve his aim: to one day be a DJ behind the desk. In 2000 he founded the record store Sine Music in the city of Nordhausen, together with Matt John (Perlon). Their nice, small – but also illegal – parties in the store's basement were a germ cell of Minimal in Thuringia. At that time the area was lacking that kind of music and soon he became resident DJ of the biggest local club – Alte Weberei. Sine Music was a meeting place for DJs and offered musical alternatives. So it was just a matter of time until the Mo's Ferry guys Dapayk and his friend Jan Langhammer met him at the store. The chemistry was right and Marcel started to manage the A&R of the label Mo's Ferry Prod. In 2004 he moved back to his hometown Berlin, where Sine Music opened a subsidiary (which went bankrupt after a break-in and sinking sales figures). Since 2002, Marcel Knopf has been working together with Dapayk on his own tracks. His ‘Holpergeist EP’ was the beginning of experimental club releases and gave a special sound to the label. In 2006, he compiled and mixed the ‘Bits To Phono’ compilation. This project stands as one of the first collections bringing artists and tracks from the growing netlabel community to the club scene, which was still connected to vinyl. In the recent years, with an increasing enthusiasm for digital DJ methods and release channels, he took up the cudgels for the black beauty: VINYL. Another two 12” – ‘Lloyd/Narain’ and ‘Thinkaboutyou’ followed on Mo's Ferry's sublabel RRYGULAR and he also remixed acts like Dapayk & Padberg as well as Marek Bois.


Marcel Knopf


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