Breakbeat swagger

Joan Mael Peneau, aka Maelstrom, has broken all the current trends in the breakbeat scene, establishing his party sounds in a market flooded by nu-skool, tear-out and hard-style breakbeat artists. He has redefined the funky and party breaks genre, with a unique sound that harmonises electro with funky breaks, and breakbeat artists, fans and enthusiasts the world over have taken note! Maelstrom began his career playing and producing electro in the mid 90s, drawing influence from the works of Mo’Wax Recordings. It was leading up to this this, from 1998 through to 2005, that Maelstrom struck somewhat of a mid-career identity crisis, dabbling in a variety of genres and releasing more than 20 EPs in various styles, including techno, drum and bass, hardcore and down-tempo funk under several aliases. In 2005, Maelstrom realised his calling, finding new direction in a genre that was virtually unknown in his home country (France) at the time – nu-skool breaks. The open format of breakbeat allowed him to synthesize all of the styles and sounds which he had previously produced, played and loved throughout his career. This, combined with the fact he found himself at the forefront of a new scene in France, allowed Maelstrom the liberty to be creative and adventurous with his work and inspired him to create what is now recognised as the Maelstrom sound: funky rhythms sampled from soul and R&B music archives, layered with loud, phat basslines, a tough techno groove and styled with a straight-up breakbeat swagger.


Joan Mael Peneau


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