Melodic punk rock from the suburbs of Iceland

Jakobinarina come from the ’burbs, which in Hafnarfjordur, a few kilometres outside Reykjavik, is pretty much like the ’burbs anywhere else in the Western world. Corners and cul-de-sacs, McJobs, no money, no car and too little action. While some folks no doubt learn to paint or write symphonies to while away the long winter nights, Jakobinarina coil themselves up into a ball of frustration and then channel it into the best melodic punk rock tunes currently being made anywhere in the North Atlantic, or beyond.


Ágúst Fannar Ásgeirsson , Björgvin Ingi Pétursson , Gunnar Bergmann , Hallberg Daði Hallbergsson , Heimir Gestur Valdimarsson , Sigurður Möller Sívertsen


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