Berlin based group, keen to assault the senses

A poly-rhythmic paradise of liquid harmonics to be poured into the ears, Jahcoozi’s music is as original as the phonetic imagination of their name. Those behind this creative alliance are songwriter/MC/singer/stage-animal Sasha Perera (London/Sri Lanka), beat-freak producer Robot Koch (Germany) and the bass-embodying sound-tech fetishist Oren Gerlitz (Tel Aviv, Israel). Both musically and culturally speaking, Jahcoozi are a mash-up operation who have consistently managed to deliver their very own mongrel style of electronic pop music. They met during a long, coal-fuelled winter in Berlin back in 2002 and Jahcoozi have been making music together ever since. Songs such as ‘Black Barbie’ and ‘Fish’ are what gained them early recognition back in 2003, the latter having been played as a cd-r by the legendary John Peel. “Beautiful pop music from the future” is what he said back then, and that still applies today. It’s Jahcoozi’s pop sensibilities that makes them such a solid group that give even the most elite of electronic music producers a run for their money, especially with lead singer/MC Sasha’s beautiful melodies and skanking rhymes. Jahcoozi’s unique and ever-changing blend of dub-glitch-step-based sound succeeds in combining an honest, communicative pop appeal with warm sub-basses and a crunchy, precise yet organic sound texture. With two full-length albums (‘Pure Breed Mongrel’ on Kitty-Yo, 2005, and ‘Blitz ‘n’ Ass’ on Asound in 2007) and numerous EPs, picture discs, remixes and features to their name, Jahcoozi have released music on various international labels, including Playhouse, Ninja Tune, BPitch, Citizen Records, Crosstown Rebels, 1965 and WMF Records just to name a few. Over the years, Jahcoozi have collaborated with and been remixed by a refreshingly wide range of artists, including Asian Dub Foundation, Stereotyp, Modeselektor, Siriusmo, Oliver $, RQM, King Cannibal, Mochipet, Rustie, Buraka som Sistema, Missill, M Sayiid , Lexie Lee, D-Double, Tinchy Stryder, Lethal B, Kano, JME, Skepta,ata + Sasse, Cassy, Luomo, New Flesh, Infinite Livez, Alhaca Soundsystem, Hannah Holland and Chris de Luca vs. Phon.o. The versatility of Jahcoozi’s music and their irresistible live show has led the band on a blazing and unrelenting trail across the planet and has seen them play everything from world-renowned music festivals and clubs, raves, squats and even bring-your-own boombox parties in a Berlin underpass. They somehow manage to morph almost any situation into a people-power style happening. This probably explains why they’ve been booked to play shows as far-fetched as at the televised opening of the IFFA athletics world cup at Berlin’s Brandenburg gate as well as at London’s infamous club institution, Fabric, or Montreal’s Mutek festival. As they tend to play a variety of remixes/versions/bootlegs of their own songs as well as other unreleased material they’ve made purely for love and fun of ripping up the dancefloor, Jahcoozi’s live show can be a bag of surprises even for their most arduous fans. Having toured in five continents since the release of their last album, in 2009 Jahcoozi released two vinyl EPs and ‘Bln 4 Jpn’, a compilation album available exclusively in Japan which included a number of unreleased tracks.


Sasha Perera , Oren Gerlitz , Robot Koch


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