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Isis is a Los Angeles, California-based band, founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1997. They have borrowed from and helped to evolve a sound pioneered by the likes of Neurosis and Godflesh, creating heavy music consisting of lengthy songs that focus on repetition and evolution of structure. As such, a great range of musical labels are used to describe their sound, including avant-garde metal, post-metal and progressive metal. Lyrically the band's albums revolve around key themes, and this intellectual side of the band has earned them much acclaim. Due to the difficulty in pigeonholing, some fans and critics label Isis as post-metal; a portmanteau of "post-rock" and "metal", the "post" referring to a reinvention of an established concept, as in postmodernism or post-hardcore. This genre is accepted to contain similar-sounding contemporaries such as Pelican, Cult of Luna and Callisto; however, Isis are usually credited with the formulation of the genre with the release of their second album, 'Oceanic'. Aaron Turner has gone on record saying: "I like the idea of preserving at least a little shred of mystery and making the band to be more an entity — without hopefully sounding too pretentious — as a work of art [than a traditional rock band]". Turner has also said in an interview in New Zealand music magazine Rip It Up that: "We don't want to hand-feed everything to the listener. We just want to have a sense of mystery". There is a definite attitude that art and music are interchangeable and synonymous to the band; he feels that "the songwriting and the artwork come from the same place". This logic relates to visual and aural aspects as well as overt intellectualisation, through literary references and driving philosophies. Books such as Don Quixote, House of Leaves, Labyrinths and the philosophies of Jeremy Bentham all play a role in shaping the themes of Isis' releases. Album discography: 'Celestial' (2000) 'Oceanic' (2002) 'Panopticon' (2004) 'In The Absence Of Truth' (2006) 'Wavering Radiant' (2009) MySpace


Aaron Turner, Jeff Caxide, Aaron Harris, Michael Gallagher, Bryant Clifford Meyer


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