Harvard Bass

Taste, talent and tenacity

Born into a family with a musical taste steeped in rich Mexican culture, Victor Hugo Ramos was born with rhythm in his veins. At the pivotal age of 16, he would sneak into house and techno clubs in Tijuana to soak in the waves of early inspiration. Driven by a beat he could not ignore, he sold all his toys and bought his first DJ set up. Showing a blatant irreverence to genre boundaries, he spent the countless hours blending tracks into a hodgepodge of magic, much akin to 2ManyDJs. Ramos’ altar ego, Harvard Bass, was spawned in December 2007 in a natural evolution towards music production. He was instantly adopted by Sound Pellegrino, an Institubes sub-label curated by Teki Latex and DJ Orgasmic, after they invited him to remix ‘Sixpack Anthem’. As demonstrated in his debut single ‘Caked’ and ‘81’, the music of Harvard Bass is a combination of elegant, smooth and sophisticated minimalism on one side and badass dirty jacking ghetto house grooves with filthy drums and simple, obsessive riffs on the other. Such a formula has earned him massive support from DJs like Tiga, Laidback Luke, Crookers, Benny Benassi, Diplo, Brodinski, Christian Martin, Jess & Crabbe, Sinden, Feadz, Acid Girls, Fluokids and many, many more. Armed with the musical taste, talent and tenacity to succeed, Harvard Bass is poised to put his stamp this year. Add to that an impending European tour, remixes of DJ Orgasmic, Acid Girls, Toxic Avenger and many more original tracks in the works, and the sky is the limit for how high he can go. It’s as simple as that.


Victor Hugo Ramos


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