Bleep-Bandits with Nintendo inspired Moniker

If the current Indie soundscape is a pint of Guinness, Hadouken!’s future vision is a 12 pack of Red Bull. Born from the hyper imagination of a Leeds art student, the quartet’s mash up of grime, techno and punk is a punch in the face from a pilled up chav that leaves you wondering what the funk just happened - just like their Street Fighter-pinched name. “Indie’s tame,” says James, frontman and protagonist of Hadouken!. “It’s getting worse with ‘the next Kooks’ or whoever, and it’s crap; we want sonic extremes. Young kids are angry, but all they have is The Killers singing some love song.” Sharp, gobby and explosive, Hadouken! have preached their propaganda online, building a dedicated army of gig-going fans and offering free downloads: their anti-drab fluoro video is heavily rotated on MTV2 just 6 months after forming.


James, Alice, Pilau, Chris, Nick


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