Ed Harcourt

Prolific English singer/songwriter

...I ask if Ed thinks he will maintain his bountiful rate of creative output. “I don’t think so,” he replies. “I’ve calmed down a lot and it’s quality not quantity that counts. I’ve written loads of songs I consider absolute shit and hopefully no one will ever hear them. It’ll be okay as provided I don’t die they won’t ever be put out on some terrible anthology.” In the event of an untimely and premature demise would he and his music be posthumously “massive” along the lines of Nick Drake or Jeff Buckley? “Yeah, probably. It would be tragic because I wouldn’t be there to stop my music being put on a fucking car advert or a rom-com soundtrack. I’m planning on sticking around though, life’s just too exciting to miss.” Ed Harcourt might not know where he’s going but it’s a journey worth taking with him.


Ed Harcourt


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