Detroit Grand Pubahs

Detroit Grand Pubahs

Putting the fun(k) back into techno

Detroit Grand Pubahs
Originally founded by Mack Goudy Jr. (Paris The Black Fu) and Andy Toth (Dr. Toefinger) in Detroit back in 1998, today’s Detroit Grand Pubahs consist of Paris, his alter egos and the Mysterious Mr O: butcher extraordinaire. The teaming of Mack Goudy Jr. (aka Paris the Black Fu aka the Schizophrenic Brainchild of Funkno aka Dr. Bootygrabber) & The Mysterious Mr O was a natural disaster waiting to happen. Miraculously, the personalities of these two tweaked characters seemed to compliment each other perfectly and instantly bonded them together, on a mission to put the fun(k) back into techno. The original Pubahs started out on Brian Gillespie’s tiny indie ‘Throw’ label, releasing the underground club hit ‘Sandwiches’. When a Jive Electro A&R man, dutifully out buying records at a local strip club, heard it he immediately knew he had something special and prepared to unleash it on the world. Since then, they’ve scored a pop hit in a number of countries and an underground classic worldwide. They’ve also taken their live show to another level, with Paris donning multiple costumes and personalities and encouraging the crowd to participate in the funk. Their debut LP, ‘Funk All Y’all’, a mixture of funk, techno and a healthy dose of the bizarre was a call to arms for techno to get down like a sex machine whilst the second long player, ‘Galactic Ass Creatures From Uranus’ on Steve Bug’s Poker Flat imprint, spawned two club hits with ‘The Clapper’ and ‘Big Onion’, and torched the way for electro-house. At some point during the lab stage process of Dr. Bootygrabber’s ass transplant, the Mysterious Mr. O’s talents with a meat cleaver came into their own and the Pubahs become two again. Adding more steel (and of course dashing looks) to the Pubahs roadshow, this non-stop techno/electro act has been all around the world and back, taking their electronic lo-fi funk into clubs and large festivals alike. Move your ass and your mind will follow.  The Pubahs now also run their own label, Det.Ele.Funk (or to give it its full title Detroit Electronic Funk), and Paris provided guest vocals for Steve Bug, The Advent, Marc Romboy, Samuel L. Session and Deetron, to name a few. Their Detelefunk label took a hiatus for most of 2009 while they moved distributors, and the label was relaunched September 2009 with a compilation titled ‘BUttFUnkula & the Remixes from Earth’ which features remixes of their tracks from some of the Pubahs producer fans, including Robert Hood, Samuel L Session, DJ 3000, Alexander Robotnick, Aux 88, DJ Godfather and more. Their new album, ‘Madd Circus’ was released earlier this year.


Paris The Black Fu , The Mysterious Mr O


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