C.S.S (Cansei De Ser Sexy)

Baile-funk meets super sexy rave beats

“I’m tired of being sexy,” whined R ‘n’ B diva Beyonce a few years back, and as she was lacking a talented PR with a strip of gaffa or a well aimed staple gun, six creative Brazilians lurking in a basement in Sao Paulo decided to ensure her words stayed around to haunt her. Those Brazilians became Cansei de ser Sexy (CSS), a band ready to take a sideways look at pop culture and the absurdity of celebrity, a band that stand out like a dancing double jointed thumb. A blend of “spunky” music and pop art style. But if you’re averse to grabbing a fat woman’s wiggling backside and are often without a group of people in the mood for dancing, then it may not be for you. “We want people having a good time, doing the conga on the dance floor, or when they are in their house listening to the record,” says Adriano.


Lovefoxxx , Adriano Cintra , Luiza Sá , Ana Rezende , Iracema Trevisan , Carolina Parra


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