Doherty's post Libertines outfit

In case some of you reading this are not aware (or have managed to avoid daily red tops since the dawn of time), you might like to learn that aside from frequent court appearances and even more frequent tabloid exploits, Pete Doherty also likes to make music. Formed after the demise of The Libertines, The ‘shambles debut, ‘Down In Albion’ rode the crest of a wave following Doherty’s initial dalliances with the papers as pantomime villain, and where it lacked the spark and zeal of his Libertines canon, the anti-climax was almost excused as if his private life had dulled his creativity, though always with the hope that he would eventually redeem himself. Sure, there were some fine moments, and the rest of Babyshambles adeptly patched together an identifiably jagged and physical sound, backing their singer with a suitably unhinged foundation. His fourth album and Babyshambles’ second, 'Shotter's Nation', saw the band go their separate ways with producer and Clash legend Mick Jones to return with a an album produced by long-term Blur producer Stephen Street. The move worked in their favour, with 'Shotters Nation' proving to be a far more polished, structured offering to The Shambles' often wayward debut. With Doherty releasing 'Grace/Wastelands' in 2009, Libertines reunion rumours still as fierce as ever and more news recently of a possible hook-up between La's legend Lee Mavers and Babyshambles, keep your eyes peeled for more news on the ever-chaotic four-piece.


Pete Doherty , Adam Ficek , Drew McConnell , Mick Whitnall


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