London four piece taking on apathy

Apartment’s claustrophobic and stifling melodies, coupled with David’s urgent vocals clearly epitomises this frustration. As the guitars thrash, the percussion certainly beats to its own drum. The purpose for Apartment is simple: to make music that has something to say. And it’s something that they’re proud to champion. The fact that their lyrics point towards something deeper below the downloadable surface will naturally cause many to slot them alongside Morrissey. But this would be a slurp of gin ‘n’ tonic too far. And anyway, comparisons don’t seem to be influencing the band in the slightest. “Even our single ‘10,000 Times’, I read this review that said we’re not reinventing the world with this song,” Caggiari explains. “And I’m thinking, we’re not trying to reinvent the world, we’re just expressing a moment. That’s it.”


David Caggiari , Tom Gillet , Davide DeSantis , Liam Fletcher


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