Animal Collective

Experimental Baltimore quartet

Their obsession to make ground breaking, provocative music, has led Animal Collective to be somewhat of a Marmite band; you love ’em or hate ’em. “I just hope that some people will give us some credit for trying and caring about our music and not think that we’re playing some kind of joke on indie rock just because it’s fashionable at the moment,” Brian concludes. Some people love what they’re doing because they think it’s some kind of ironic take on society, while others hate them for the very same reason. The reality is that the band love making music. Full stop. To them it’s not a question of whether it’s relevant or commenting on what’s going on in the world – they’re just doing exactly what they’ve been doing since they were at school.


Avey Tare , Panda Bear , Deakin , Geologist


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