Angus & Julia Stone

Sun-blissed Folk from the brother/sister duo

There’s certainly been some great family musical combos in the past, but never a brother and sister pairing quite like this. Barely out of their teens, Angus and Julia Stone write beautiful songs beyond their years. Spending much of their time growing up on the northern beaches of Australia, their music evokes pictures of blissed-out campfire jamming sessions at sunset, played beneath a doe-eyed tangle of sea-bleached surfer hair. Angus’ voice is so sweet that you have to resist the urge to capture it in a jar and keep it by your bedside table for when you need help getting through that next irksome bout of insomnia, whilst Julia’s summery tones add whimsy and depth to a duo whose harmonious blend of hormonal acoustics and folk-like charm will have you adding the letter ‘D’ to the end of their surname


Angus Stone, Julia Stone


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