It’s an ultra-refreshing return…

Anna Of The North returns with new single ‘Dandelion’.

The Norwegian pop superstar proves to be on irresistible form, building the follow up to her Gus Dapperton collaboration ‘Meteorite’. Fresh from landing a Norwegian Grammy, Anna Of The North shows her vulnerable side, on a single that pits summer-fresh energy against faint traces of introspection.

Out now, ‘Dandelion’ is a dazzling pop return, one that fixates on “lost love”. Amid traces of nostalgia and the pang of regret, the vocal also seems to cherish the past, while using these lessons to build towards the future.

As Anna Of The North puts it, the song deals with “the kind of love that can’t stay for obvious reasons… still there is hope that one day it’ll work out.” 

The video was built alongside Australian designer Montana Kitching, and it finds Anna creating a home of her own – replete with fluffy dog, and luscious green plants.

A super-colourful return, catch ‘Dandelion’ below.