Los Angeles artist HÄANA has shared the stage with everyone from The Rolling Stones to Moby, with her magnetic presence winning acclaim from all corners.

Closing 2016 with typical style, the singer went back into the studio lately, laying down a series of fresh ideas.

Deciding to tackle a song she has loved for some time, HÄANA worked up a version of Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’.

Slowing the track to a funereal pace, HÄANA finds renewed emotion in the songwriting, a space to truly call her own.

Bulgarian cellist Irina Chirkova assists, while the arrangement itself is a remarkably stark fusion of the digital and the organic.

Clash is able to premiere the visuals, and they’re a rather special, evocative adjunct to the music itself. Tune in now.

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Let's be honest here: it's been an absolute shitter of a year and the sooner it's over the better.

But if we owe 2016 anything at all, it's to see it out in style. Across the country a host of top parties have been organised, with some big name selectors set to guide the nation into 2017 with a spring in its heels.

MOTION have pieced together some very special bills, with parties set to erupt on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Ahead of this, Clash asked a few names involved for their guide to the perfect New Year banger…

– – –

Axel Boman

The outrageous acid house version of 'I Feel Love'…

Helena Hauff

The song is powerful enough for a moment like that, it's a bit melancholic but uplifting at the same time and the lyrics fit pretty well too!


This is one of those 'unite the dancefloor' moments, absolute banger. Obviously the tune's a nod to the past but with a foot firmly in the future, perfect to see in 2017.

Amy Becker

It bangs any day, any time of the year…


Few years ago I had to open the night midnight time after live acts at Arma17 Sick Years party and I did it with this record. I think it’s perfect for the NYE case too. It is positive, sexy, melodic, beautiful with the most suitable name as we all need to start a new year.

Tom Lea

First rule: anyone who tries to be too clever with what they play at midnight is a twat. You can't go too hard though. A couple of years back I played 'N*ggas In Paris' but I had another few hours to DJ after that and you just can't keep up that level of intensity til 3am. I ended up on the mic about 2am, it was a bad night.

The next year I learnt my lesson and played 'Senorita', which is probably about right. Last year it was 'Where R U Now'. This year Murlo has the midnight slot at our party in Bristol, so I'll be haranguing him to play his 'Work' remix – and if he's too shy then I'll run it for him.


90's emo, festival belter to catch the shufflers off guard.

– – –

MOTION hits Bristol for parties on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day – tickets.

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Christmas is over, and those turkey sandwiches are gradually losing their appeal.

Time for another party, then, to blow away the cobwebs. Thankfully, New Year's Eve is fast approaching, and promoters across the land are gearing up for one of the busiest nights of the year.

House production team The Basement Boys are in town, playing a special set at London's Ministry Of Sound venue on New Year's Day.

As a warm up, The Basement Boys have pieced together this very special New Year's playlist…

– – –

1. Michele Chiavarini – 'Let Me See You Clap Your Hands'

This track is the ultimate make u dance song! The piano riff alone is sick, but it's arranged in such a way that hands organically go flying in the air when it's played!

2. Sylvester – 'You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)'

Works like you would not believe. People this song so loudly that you can simply. It the music off and they'll keep singing!

3. Ninetoes – 'Finder'

The tenor pan sound in this track is so infectiously original that it drives dance floors crazy! This is another track that is arranged perfectly!

4. Crystal Waters – 'Gypsy Woman'

What can you say about the infectiousness of this track. Everybody sings it whenever it gets played!

5. Bohannon – 'Let's Start 2 Dance'

If you don't feel like moving, you will when this one gets played! If you don't know the song, others around you will and when they start losing it, so will you.

6. Mass Order – 'Lift Every Voice'

I have seen people lose their voices trying to sing this track that is an ode to Chicago House!

7. Dennis Ferrer – 'Hey Hey'

This track demands crowd response! Still to this day works like a charm.

8. Loleatta Holloway – 'Love Sensation'

Most people wound not even know who Loleatta is, but everybody in one way or another knows 'Love Sensation'. Probably 20 percent of all house tracks have sampled it.

9. MAW – 'Backfired'

India's vocal performance on this track is so incredible that people just start dancing, especially girls.

10. Donna Summer – 'I Feel Love'

Looooove, ooooove, ooooove!! Everybody starts singing and hands fly to the ceiling! The electronic groove is killer, but Donna's super, ultra sexy performance on this track is second to none.

– – –

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Brian Eno has shared a four minute segment of his new ambient album 'Reflection'.

The record is a return to ambient climes, and will be available physically as well as digital download.

Alongside this, Brian Eno has promised a "generative" version for Apple TV and iOS users, blending new visuals with the music.

Mary Anne Hobbs played a four minute segment of 'Reflection' on her 6Music show, including an Eno-penned preamble.

Hit the show HERE around the 1:08:45 mark.

'Reflection' is out on January 1st.

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When news of George Michael's death broke on Christmas Day, the pop world seemed to pause to remember a true great.

Tributes poured in, with stories of the singer's legendary generosity making their way online.

Liam Gallagher was as shocked as the rest of us, tweeting: