Confusion around ATP's forthcoming Pontin's event has flooded across social media today (February 29th).

The live events team were due to host a special festival curated by Drive Like Jehu at Pontins, North Wales between April 22nd and 24th.

However, speculation mounted that the festival had been cancelled. The Pontins team certainly appeared to believe so, and confirmed the news to various news outlets, including theQuietus.

ATP have, however, hit back, issuing the following statement:

More as we have it.

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French producer Lee Van Dowski never stays still for long.

Continually moving forward, continually using new influences to challenge his own perceptions, the producer has led an enthralling career.

New album 'Cerca Trova' is his first in ten years, and it finds Lee Van Dowski matching his rave roots against a continually forward-thinking approach.

Out now, the producer has searched through the crates to compile a special Clash DJ Mix. Opening with a flurry of left field electronics, it settles into a Warp fixation before introducing some of the French artist's own work.

Check it out below.

Apparat – 44
Clark – Empty The Bones Of You
Telefon Tel Aviv – Your Face Reminds Me Of When I Was Old
Boards Of Canada – Gyroscope
Autechre – Drone
M83 – On A White Lake, Near A Green Mountain
Apparat – Berlin
Paul Kalkbrenner – Queer Fellow
Lee Van Dowski – Toran
Lee Van Dowski – Gy6z2
Four Tet – Locked
Trentemøller – Miss You

– – –

'Cerca Trova' is out now – buy it HERE.

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Ever wanted to go to a festival that was far away from everything – stripped of home comforts, and where people aren’t on their phones, distracted by technology? A festival whose essence is purely derived from music and nature?

Nomade might be the ideal festival for you, then. It takes place in the bay of Manquemapu, in the dense Valdivian rainforest in the south of Chile. We are talking about a 14 hour drive from Chile’s capital city Santiago – and even longer if you want to go via public transport.

The plus side of having a festival that’s so remote is that there is a strong community amongst visitors: punters of Nomade – ‘nomades’ – are fully committed to its concept. Respecting the local environment is a key part of the festival experience: the land it is based on is somewhat sacred – it’s government protected and belongs exclusively to the local indigenous community.

Nomade strives not only to intensify music’s relationship to nature, but also to promote ethnotourism – benefitting the local community by bringing tourism and capital to their small settlement. Locals participate in the festival by selling homemade food and market goods, while ‘Nomades’ enjoy the elucidating experience of talking to locals about their unique, secluded lifestyle while sampling a freshly baked seafood empanada – so it’s a win-win situation.

– – –

– – –

Aside from nature and community, music is naturally the main attraction. This year’s line up boasted an array of Argentinian acts such as singer La Yegros and DJ Chanco via Circuito, as well as Chilean artists such as Matanza – who are one of the country’s premium contemporary electronic acts. International guests included Martha van Straaten, David Mears and Wide Awake. The majority of musicians at Nomade base their music on fusing heavy electronic beats with samples and rhythms inspired by traditional music across Latin America – ranging from Chile’s Patagonia to Brazil’s Amazonas. This genre, which can be broadly labelled under the term ‘electro-cumbia’, is currently thriving in this part of the world. While Nomade isn’t the only festival dedicated to this type of music, it is probably the only one that most accurately embraces the rustic spirit of it.

As spectacular and unique as Nomade is, it is not for everyone. With no electricity nor indoor shelter, the initial days of heavy rainfall and gail force winds made camping difficult. The festival lacked necessary organization and infrastructure; the luxury tepees leaked, toilets – albeit marvellously decorated with moss and branches– were built with see-through curtains instead of doors and showers were freezing cold.

On the whole, the festival seemed to be highly unprepared for the tempestuous weather of the rainforest – the sun’s merciful appearance on Saturday and Sunday potentially saved it from being a washout.

Although, it should be considered that such things don’t really matter to the average ‘Nomader’. For they seek the spirituality of nature and a pilgrimage to a humbler, rustic way of life. All the while getting incredibly high and trippy to Latin America’s most modern incarnation of traditional indigenous music.

– – –

– – –

Words: Charis MacGowan
Photography: Nomade // Chico Gonzales // Charis MacGowan

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When Smith Westerns finally imploded, the group spawned a myriad of new projects.

Singer Cullen Omori emerged from the wreckage, dusted himself down and began focussing on something different, something new.

Working on solo material, Sub Pop stepped in to show support. After lengthy spells in the studio the singer is now ready to unveil the results, with debut solo album 'New Misery' set to arrive next month.

Due to his ever-outspoken nature Cullen Omori is the perfect candidate to take care of our weekly singles column.

– – –

– – –

Courtney Barnett – 'Elevator Operator'

She is really killing it right now and mad famous, but to be honest this is maybe the second or third time I’ve listen to one of her songs from start to finish (victim of the internet age I suppose). Definitely reminds me of a punkier and little bit rawer Sheryl Crow for millennials. See: 'Sweet Rosalyn' by Sheryl Crow to get what I mean.

– – –

Hozier – 'Work Song'

I HATE blue eye soul, Hall & Oates exempted. I think since Eddie Vedder we’ve had to live with this constant reincarnation of the “butt rock” voice in contemporary “rock” music (Bush ,Creed, Chris Daughtry, John Martin) and while I don’t think it’s going away; we do get to experience this new appearance of sad guy millionaire musicians (Sam Smith) doing “soulful” music.

It’s like that asshole with a beanie hanging off his head slapping his acoustic guitar and singing heard Lorde and Alabama Shakes and had a musical awakening (ha!) and made this song. That being said if I could trade places with him I would.

– – –

Jess Glynne – 'Ain’t Got Far To Go'

Why didn’t they just find a sample from actual old music for the hook? Think this song could’ve been much better if they just lifted the instrumental from whatever 70’s soul song they were ripping off. Sounds like instead of paying royalties they decided to just make a cover of whatever they wanted to sample with midi instruments in Logic.

– – –

Izzy Bizu – 'Mad Behaviour'

This is alright. Kinda sounds a little more vanilla than Florence & The Machine (which I like). I think she needs to go move to LA, get strung out, and then get better, bigger producers. It obvious that both Izzy and Hozier both have listened to Beach House.

– – –

Wildhart – 'EP1'

This definitely feels the “realest” of all the tracks but also feels the most “internet-y”. To me all this bleep bloopy music that’s full of space and kinda Beyonce vocals never has done it for me but it seems to get really good reviews from everywhere. So I’ll probably be applying to get on one of their tours as support in the near future.

– – –

Wyvern Lingo – 'Letter To Willow'

Can’t place the song this reminds me of but it’s cool. For some reason it reminds me of 'Ray Of Light' era Madonna. Listened to some of their other songs and the girl harmonies don’t really dazzle me like I know it does other people: maybe it's because I can sing harmonies and it’s not as hard as people think.

– – –

'New Misery' is set to be released on March 18th.

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Sundara Karma look to be unstoppable.

The youthful foursome's live shows are already the stuff of wonder, all precocious youth and relentless energy.

New single 'A Young Understanding' impacts on March 25th, and it's accompanied by a huge nationwide tour.

The visuals are something to behold, an off kilter, energetic take on life in the band. Director Oscar Hudson:

"The concept for this video came to me a really long time ago whilst daydreaming in the backseat on a very long drive. I’ve always loved the look of images that come from cameras when they aren’t being pointed with any intention – like when you forget to stop recording after taking a clip. There’s something interesting about removing the hand that points the camera from a situation."

Check it out now.

Catch Sundara Karma at the following shows:

1 Edinburgh Sneaky Pete’s
2 Newcastle Think Tank
4 Manchester Gorilla
5 Sheffield Leadmill
6 Leeds The Wardrobe
7 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
8 Birmingham Rainbow
9 Norwich Waterfront
10 London Dingwalls
11 Reading Sub 89

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Kate Jackson has announced plans for her debut solo album 'British Road Movies'.

The singer left The Long Blondes after their split in 2008, moving to Rome to become a painter. Specialising in architectural paintings, she spent long days wandering the streets of the Italian city, focussing on her love of visual art.

Gradually, though, Kate Jackson felt the pull of her homeland. Moving to Suffolk, the singer began writing new material, and found a kindred spirit in Bernard Butler.

The guitarist has overseen new album 'British Road Movies', a work informed by everything from The Fall to Iain Sinclair.

Kate explains: "The road, much written about in American popular song, and an American cinematic staple, is often ignored in British culture. As an island our roads lead somewhere far too quickly to hold adventure. We are not the land of Jack Kerouac but of Antiques Road Trip. But who is to say our roads can’t be cinematic?"

'British Road Movies' is the result. Out in May, the album will be accompanied by an exhibition of Kate's paintings, completed while working as artist in residence at Smiths Row contemporary art gallery in Bury St Edmunds.

Check out new cut 'Metropolis' below.

'British Road Movies' will be released on May 20th.

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With a hint of Bottega Veneta circa the early noughties, next month Vans pays tribute to its classic checkerboard motif with a new 3D leather interpretation.

The occasion? Half a century of Vans (read: 50 years of skatewear as we know it today). 

Set to be released through the brand’s premium Vault By line, the ten-piece line-up boasts a mix of high and low tops (the OG Sk8-Hi LX and the OG Classic Slip-On LX), as well as two rucksacks; naturally, everything is limited edition.

Sacred to the brand’s history, the checkerboard remains today a vital part of the Vans character, synonymous with its footwear since it was family owned as the Van Doren Rubber Company.

Titled ‘Checkered Past’, the new collection boasts handcrafted woven leather of varying shades in place of the standard black and white. But fret not, fans, the latter does feature across several pieces…

All are set to drop on March 16, which similarly announces the start of a series of events at House of Vans spaces around the globe.


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Melt Yourself Down will release new album 'Last Evenings On Earth' on April 29th.

Another blast of musical exploration, the album follows the enormous artistic success of their 2013 debut album.

'Last Evenings On Earth' is said to have an apocalyptic tone, and comes closer to reflecting the group's frenzied live show.

New cut 'The God Of You' is online now, with frontman Kushal Gaya moving away from his native Mauritian/French Creole to sing in English.

Dive in now.

Catch Melt Yourself Down at the following shows:

27 London Shapes
28 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
29 Bristol Exchange

1 Cheltenham Jazz Festival
3 Colchester Arts Centre
5 Liverpool 24 Kitchen Street
7 Brighton The Haunt

15 Salisbury Larmer Tree Festival

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These are good times for Turin Brakes.

The band's new album 'Lost Property' is out now, with fans swooning at their return. Soothing harmonies, mature songwriting, crisp production – it's all here, and all trademark Turin Brakes.

Currently on a vast hike across the land, Turin Brakes have slowed down just long enough to record a new video.

The band open up about the making of 'Lost Property', and reveal a few secrets along the way.

Tune in below.

Catch Turin Brakes at the following shows:

1 Milton Keynes The Stables
2 Brighton Concorde 2
3 Colchester Arts Centre
5 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
6 York The Duchess
7 Cambridge The Junction
8 Birmingham Glee Club
10 Manchester The Ruby Lounge
11 Edinburgh Le Belle Angele
12 Newcastle The Cluny
13 Chester The Live Rooms

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Rufus Wainwright is set to release new album 'Take All My Loves: 9 Shakespeare Sonnets' on April 22nd.

The album comes as the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death approaches, with the songwriter planning to use the poet's famed sonnets as a source of inspiration.

The record is a collaboration with Marius de Vries, and owes its roots to a concert in 2009, when director Robert Wilson asked Rufus to compose music for his 'Shakespeare’s Sonnets' production, first staged at the Berliner Ensemble.

Rufus explains: "For me, recording this album has been a marriage made in heaven, as it combines my love of classical music with my love of pop music. It’s literally historically fun. And made all the better by working again with Marius."

The album guest stars Florence Welch, Martha Wainwright, Anna Prohaska… and William Shatner! Intriguing scenes.

'Take All My Loves: 9 Shakespeare Sonnets' will be released on April 22nd.

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