Arctic Monkeys have been forced to cancel tonight's (October 31st) Birmingham show due to illness.

Pipped to the post at the Barclaycard Mercury Prize, Arctic Monkeys may have lost the battle but they are surely set to win the war. Given a new lease of life by its nomination, 'AM' is set to emerge from 2013 as one of the year's most successful albums.

Currently on tour, the band are playing sold out shows across the country. Sadly, tonight's (October 31st) date will not now be going ahead due to illness.

Arctic Monkeys told fans on Facebook:

– –

We regret to advise that due to illness Arctic Monkeys will be unable to perform at the Birmingham LG Arena tonight (Thursday 31st October 2013).

Please retain your tickets and await further information. 

We very much regret any inconvenience caused.

– –

Arctic Monkeys have the following dates left to play:

Glasgow Hydro
Sheffield Motorpoint Arena

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Agi & Sam said of theirs, “We love bikes and we love yellow. So we made a yellow bike” while Lou Dalton reckons hers looks like “SEX on WHEELS, a bit like my Fella.”

The designers are all discussing their custom made FOFFA bikes, part of a project led by Topman that will see five designs by five London menswear designers go on display next week.

Sitting pretty in the Oxford Circus flagship window from the 4th November up until the 24th, shoppers spending £75 or over in store – or online! –  will be entered into a draw to win one of the unique bikes.

Joining the boys and Lou are the Sibling three, Astrid Andersen and Craig Green, all five of whom have at some point benefitted from Topman’s kind vibes, with sponsorship via Newgen and/or MAN.

No prizes for guessing who claimed of their bike, “It’s like wearing a dark suit but having pink socks.”


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Canadian music seems to foster a sense of community. Each label – whether it’s Arts & Crafts, or Turbo – seems to have an almost familial atmosphere, one of mutual respect, ease of creative exchange. It’s something which is equally applicable to the nation’s punk scene: currently in something of a purple patch, only Canada could really puke up something as inspiring, as ferocious as Fist City.

“Canada is a huge country, but the punk scene is so small in contrast,” explains guitarist Evan Van Reekum. “We tour Canada all the time and we see the same people and it's just, the world gets smaller, the more we go to different cities, the more we meet different people. There's so many connections being made among friends and different bands and stuff like that.”

This camaderaderie serves the band in good stead. Singer Kier Griffiths recently underwent gender re-alignment surgery, while guitarist Evan Van Reekum suffered from a serious fall. With local Christian fundamentalists closing in on Griffiths and Van Reekum slowly recovering, new album ‘It’s 1983, Shut Up’ contains a rare sense of abandon. “We like to stand up against people who are homophobic or are anti-gay, stuff like that. And whatever way that takes its shape, if it's just like even confronting, confronting by just our presence, you know, kind of whatever it takes. We don't have any tolerance for stuff like that. It’s like ignorant people who don't, who can't look past the police, and don't welcome somebody who is different, you know, it's really stupid.”

Not that the band are political in any mainstream, party-led sense. “Trying to bring people together and strengthening communities is number one for us” the guitarist explains. “The best way to look at it for me is like we do this stuff and we're able to come back and share the experience, and give advice to like our peers, like “go do it, go and have fun like it's totally possible if we can do it you can do it” kind of thing.”

Currently working on their third album – “we don't like to rest on something for too long” – Fist City recently completed their first major tour of the UK. Finding kindred spirits wherever they go, it seems, as Van Reekum explains. “I mean it was an awesome experience, I can't wait to do it again. But yeah we had rented a van and it was like, it was a splitter van so, you know, it was like a cargo van so there was always one of us in the back of the van in the dark sitting on the floor sliding around, whilst the other three were up front.”

Not that Fist City can be placed into any particular pigeonhole. “We definitely appeal to a certain crowd and our motivation is not to adhere to any sort of scene, I guess” he says. “It really comes from whatever we wanna be doing. I guess, like we definitely don't appeal to like any sort of mainstream pop scene and we probably never will so. I can name a lot that we don't belong to, yeah, but it's hard to pin down what we do.”

Words: Robin Murray

– – –

Fist City's second album 'It's 1983, Grow Up' is out now

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Empress Of has posted new track 'Realize You' online – listen to it below.

Real name Lorely Rodriguez, Brooklynite producer Empress Of has been slowly enrapturing our imagination over the past year. A succession of one off releases have stamped her template, with dreamy vocals matched to heartbroken lyrics and immaculate production.

A few moments ago, though, Empress Of just raised the bar a little higher. The songwriter has been posting new material to her SoundCloud, including a collaboration with Amateur Best.

Yet it's a solo cut which has really gotten us hot under the collar. 'Realize You' distills all of her youthful promise down into three minutes, displaying remarkable imagination in the process.

Effortlessly beautiful, you simply cannot argue with the poignancy of these lyrics: "grow a little more / and you let go a little more / and if the circumstances change / you can learn to play the game".

Listen to it now.

Empress Of is set to play Iceland Airwaves tomorrow (November 1st) but you can catch Lorely Rodriguez at London venue Birthdays on November 5th.

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Paris has an atmosphere, an indefinable quality which other cities can't quite match.

Perhaps it's the attitude of the residents. A fairly spurious point: the French really are cooler, more stylish than their British cousins. Which helps to explain Tristesse Contemporaine.

Deeply reclusive, the trio recently signed to Record Makers and are in the process of readying their second album 'Stay Golden' for release.

Due out on November 25th, the band sluice together post-punk, synth-pop and even elements of shoegaze into a uniquely moody, contagiously stylish package.

As a preview, Clash is able to premiere the video for album opener 'Fire'. Reminiscent of Metronomy in its pared down cool, the chugging bass line could easily find its way onto 'Metal Box'.

The video itself is extremely disorienting: shot in black and white, the band wear masks throughout as the music unfolds around them.

Watch it now.

'Stay Golden' is set to be released on November 25th.

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Every DJ has one.

A night when everything that can possibly go wrong does – and it does so in spectacular fashion. Returning again, Clash brings you DJ Disasters, featuring some of the most respected figures in the dance world reminiscing about those moments when it all went badly wrong.

Put simply: DJ Pierre is a legend. A true pioneer of house music, the producer has spent more than two decades preaching the Chicago gospel to crowds around the world. Remaining ahead of the game, DJ Pierre has continually revised his sound to keep in touch with time and trend.

Of course, it doesn't always go to plan…

– – –

My DJ Disaster happened on Margarita Island, Venezuela. I arrived on the Island a day early without my bags (which included my records) to much media and PR at the airport with cameras flashing everywhere! I was so excited at the energy that the island had. Being interviewed by E Latin America was definitely a highlight. They were asking me what music was I going to play, so I told them some Wild PiTcH, Acid House, techno and some nice bangin' soulful house!

Now I was told that my bags would arrive later that day, so I wasn't worried, but suffice to say they did not come later that day or night. So the next morning (the day of the festival) I was a bit concerned but I was still assured that they would get there on time. By now I was already taking precautions on a Plan B. With no record shops on the island I had to resort to asking around to playing another DJ's records. It took all day but finally we had got in contact with one of the Island most popular DJs but he couldn't arrive until just before my set! Crazy! I am the headlining DJ of this festival! 

So with more calls to the airport and the bad news that my bags where seen last somewhere in Europe (don't even ask how they ended up there) I realized I had no choice but to play records from this guys who isn't even here yet! They tell me I have ten minutes to show time and I'm starting to really feel like this show is truly in jeopardy then up walks the dude, so with no time to look through his records or listen to them before I played I could only tell the guy: "Yo, you need to hit me with the hottest joints you got for my first songs!" So I'm trusting this guy, and to put even more pressure on I was told that I would be rising from the middle of the stage to smoke and flames. My opening tracks had to be straight fire!

There were these mad drummers all blowing fire out of their mouths, and then the flames start shooting up from the stage as they introduce me: "From the Chicago USA, the creator of Acid House DJ PIERRE!"

Then I come up from the middle looking like I'm the baddest dude on the planet, just as the guy hands me the first record and when I drop that joint I'm like "huh?! what the heck?" I'm like: "dude, did you not see all this craziness going on and you giving me this?" My heart is pounding out of my chest by now. People looking like "is this it?" Then the next tracks were just as bad if not worse. Looking through his records I couldn't find one tune that I heard of before and I kept wanting to get this night over with already. People were like: where's the Wild Pitch, where's the Acid House? To make a long story short I've never been invited back to that Island to DJ.

I did eventually get my bags though… they arrived to my home three weeks later!

– – –

DJ Pierre and Joey Beltram are working on a series of mixes for Halocyan.

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Apart, Joe Henson and Alexis Smith have written for some of the biggest names in pop.

Yet the East London duo still aren't satisfied. Working together under The Flight banner, new EP 'The Hangman' is a macabre, beat-laden beast. Deeply conceptual, it tells the story of a young woman tempted away from home into a the forest where she is killed and buried in a shallow grave.

Telling the story in full, the EP is written from the viewpoint of the murderer, from first meeting the young woman to rueful ghost after his execution.

Which is where Keaton Henson comes in. Co-writing 'Dark Corners' his soft voice is the perfect vehicle for the tale – subtle, and unexpectedly menacing it's a wonderful vocal turn.

'Dark Corners' has been given the visual treatment by Kevin Weir. The clip picks up on these supernatural themes to produce a video which is brimming with menace.

Check it out now.

– – –

'The Hangman' is out now – purchase link.

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Broken Twin has signed to Anti- with her debut album set to emerge shortly.

Denmark has long languished in the music shadow of fellow Scandinavian countries such as Sweden or Iceland, but recently the area has gained headlines in its own right. Hailing from Copenhagen, Majke Voss Romme operates under the name Broken Twin.

Crafting subtle, supple and extremely delicate songs, she quickly gained international attention. Becoming the first Scandinavian artist to sign with Anti-, Broken Twin's debut album will be released next year.

"I feel quite overwhelmed and proud that ANTI- will be releasing my debut album and also lucky and privileged to release my music on a label that has worked with so many of my favourite artists in the world" she commented. "Their faith in my music makes me feel very honored. The making of this album, which is a collection of songs written over the past 3 years, has been challenging, exciting and frightening at the same time."

New single 'Sun Has Gone' will be released on November 18th. Check it out below.

Broken Twin is set to play the following one off UK show:

5 London Servant's Jazz Quarters

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The Devil, as they say, has the best tunes.

Yet Hallowe'en doesn't have the best soundtrack. At parties across the globe, the stereo will resound to a tried and tested routine which involves repeated plays of 'The Monster Mash' and 'Thriller'.

Which is where Bleached come in. The Californian group are fans of the fright season, and decided to craft a Hallowe'en inspired video for their new track 'Love Spells'.

Jennifer Calvin introduces the clip: "Halloween and October are my favorite time of year so I was excited when I realized we had a month to put together a rad B-Horror style music video before Halloween gets here! So with the help of some amazing friends, and taking inspiration from our girl sunbathing in the graveyard shirt we got it all together. We made it past the obstacles like getting kicked out of our first filming location, leaving the next morning for our Europe tour, editing it on the road in the van, and keeping it all pretty DIY. Xoxo."

Check it out now.

– – –

Bleached's debut album 'Ride Your Heart' is out now.

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An inner and outer existence.

The divide between what you show to the world and what you keep back – that’s where you’ll find Mt. Wolf. An outward expression, grasping towards the epic, yet retaining a real sense of introversion in their songwriting.

New single ‘Midnight Shallows’ is a case in point. One of the most mature, fully realised tracks to yet emerge from the project, it matches a sweeping, soaring vocal to production which seems to crack and fall apart at the slightest touch.

Out on November 4th, the single is accompanied by a headline show at London’s Heaven venue. By far the band’s most high profile show yet, Clash is able to trail the date with a special remix.

Utrecht steps in, focussing on the electronic elements and pushing them into the realm of the euphoric. It’s a house infused re-work, one which would work on the dancefloor yet retains the intimacy of Kate Sproule’s vocal.

Stream it below.

For more Utrecht sounds click HERE.

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