ClashMusic recently flew out to Nashville to take part in Jack Daniel’s birthday celebrations.

Held at their home in Lynchburg, Jack Daniel’s invited Plan B, Warpaint and K Flay to collaborate with a crack team of sessions. Known as the Silver Cornet Band, the collective were marshalled by Stax great Steve Cropper.

Read our full report from the show HERE.

As a special treat ClashMusic have tracked down some photographs from the set to give an extra flavour of the night…

Fucked Up have given ClashMusic a quick guide to having the perfect Halloween.

Fucked Up are famous fans of Halloween. Imported to their native Canada via Irish and Scottish immigration, the band use October 31st as the perfect excuse for having a party.

Normally holding a Halloween themed show in their native Toronto, this year sees the band descend on London. One of the stand out dates on their British tour, Fucked Up are set to play Scala tonight (October 31st).

Support comes from Eagulls, while Cold Pumas will also be on hand. Expect the usual bedlam, with Fucked Up requesting that fans wear fancy dress. Currently putting the finishing touches to our own costume, ClashMusic asked Fucked Up to give us their guide to Halloween.

Mr Jo responded…

– – –

There has never been an encounter with the supernatural that Fucked Up has ever been privy too. There are exceptions and interpretations of the super-natural that we could exploit in some unscary way (Kombucha, Kale, and other organic groceries) but there’s a limit to our irrelevance, even in a case like this where it’s important to build ones own folklore and legend.* Even though we’ve slept in rooms that were potentially haunted (Linkoping, Sweden), sat on the most paranormal toilets on the planet, and occupied buildings that were ‘haunted’ by the more chilling spectres of history, we’ve never actually met a ghost.

So what makes us an authority on Halloween? We’ve lived through plenty of them. We’ve chewed up and spat out the razorblades in apples, made pate out of the spiders eggs in bubblegum, threw away the pathetic raisins that possessed our pillowcases, and crashed every costume party that ever served a bowl of paltry punch.

Sadly, this lifetime of experience has produced little wisdom that is transferable by text alone. This advice needs to be doled out vis a vis our presence, which is why it’s important that we’re playing three shows in honour of all hallows eve. I would be remiss in my authority as spokesman for FU if I didn’t offer anything up, however. The still image, that moment in time which tells a thousand words shall be our offering on the best way to enjoy halloween. Share the stage with us. Share your night with us. Grab life by the neck of the bottle. Grab death by the rattling chain and swing it out of your life. Grab the night with your ears and break a sound barrier with us this halloween.

*we are superhuman and indestructibly healthy

– – –

Fucked Up will play the following show:

31 London Scala

Click here to buy tickets for Fucked Up!

Psychedelia and Wicca have a long association.

So when news came through that Moon Duo were recording a new EP partially inspired by an antique book of spells no one in the ClashMusic office batted an eyelid.

Out today (October 31st) ‘Horror Tour’ is a one off diversion for the West Coast two piece. A much darker outing than their debut album ‘Mazes’ the new EP is a sludgy, Sabbath inspired work.

Tracking down the band, Moon Duo’s Patrick Johnson agreed to answer a few questions for ClashMusic. Ranging from witch craft to flying saucers, the songwriter peels back the layers of ‘Horror Tour’.

– – –

Where did the impetus come for the new EP?
We knew we were going to tour in October, hoping to have some dates in Eastern Europe. So we thought, if it’s October and we’re in the area of Transylvania, why not do a Halloween-themed record for the tour?

Can you explain how you found the book of spells?
We were in rural New Hampshire, staying on a lake (very Friday the 13th) and we happened by an old town library. We picked up an antique anthology of magic books in a sale bin. It contained a few classic spell books. We happened to be mixing the EP at the time.

Has paganism / Wicca played a role in your life? What’s your view on those beliefs?
What I appreciate mostly about those general beliefs is the emphasis on ritual, the reverence for nature, and the artistic influences and aesthetics. I’m very much into the symbols. But I relate more to early Buddhist philosophy personally.

Did anything bizarre happen during recording sessions?
The only odd thing was finding the book of spells during the mixing process, while we were struggling a bit with the sound of the record. It inspired us.

How did you capture the atmosphere of the book?
As I mentioned it was more of an inspiration during the mixing, as we were sending tracks back and forth between New Hampshire and a studio in Berlin. I think people tend to think of magic as all dark, but the there was an influence of light from the book. We named one of the songs “Causing a Rainbow” after one of the spells.

Why veer away from the sound of the album? Is this due to the themes of the book?
Our approach is to follow the music and let it honestly reflect our lives at that moment. We don’t look back and we try not to look forward either.

How does the artwork reflect the music?
For the cover we thought immediately of Savage Wolf (John Powell-Jones), an amazing artist from Manchester. He works often with occult and monster imagery and has done some similarly-themed t-shirts for us in the past. We did have a bit of fun with the zombie portrait idea. As I said, it’s not all dark, this magic/occult business.

Is this a self-contained work or will you return to the themes of the EP?
It is what it is and stands alone. The next LP will be quite different. The ideas are already flowing and we’ll be in the studio early next year put it to tape.

And finally… What’s the scariest (supernatural related) thing to have happened to you?
I saw a giant flying saucer when I was a child, Close Encounters sized, with lights everywhere. It hovered above me and my friend, then zoomed off. It wasn’t that scary though. More awe-inspiring than anything else.

– – –

‘Horror Tour’ is out now.

My Tiger My Timing are giving away a free remix from Portasound as a special treat for Halloween.

Currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album, My Tiger My Timing have poked their nose outside of the studio just long enough to soak up the unique atmosphere of October 31st. Outside the Clash office, the sun is beginning to set and some rather otherworldly goings on are afoot…

Obviously deciding to join in on the frivolity, My Tiger My Timing have decided to give away a new remix. Portasound have been tasked with re-working ‘Written In Red’, responding by piecing the track back together in an inventive new way.

My Tiger My Timing have decided to release the new remix of ‘Written In Red’ as a free download. You can find it on their Facebook page, or stream the track below…

My Tiger My Timing – Written In Red (Portasound Remix) by mytigermytiming

– – –

Due for release on November 14th, ‘Written In Red’ comes out on the band’s own Snakes & Ladders label. Hitting the road later this year, My Tiger My Timing are also putting the finishing touches to their debut album.

Opening in Stoke Newington on November 11th, the short burst of dates includes shows in Cardiff, Leeds, Glasgow and more. Finishing in Liverpool’s Mojo venue on November 30th, tickets for all upcoming shows are on sale now.

My Tiger My Timing have confirmed the following shows:

11 Stoke Newington The Drop
24 Cardiff The Cockpit
25 TBC
27 Glasgow Captain’s Rest
28 York Stereo
29 Manchester The Castle
30 Liverpool Mojo

Click here to buy tickets for My Tiger My Timing!

London based songstress Piney Gir has released a new Halloween themed free download – grab it now.

The Halloween treats keep on coming…

Now based in London, North American talent Piney Gir impressed with her new album ‘Geronimo!’ earlier this year. Matching her unique songwriting voice to subjects such as love, loss and other tasty nuggets the album displayed a very twisted take on 60s pop.

Not one to let Halloween pass by, Piney Gir recently completed a rather spooky new track. ‘My Halloween’ is available to download now…

Piney Gir – My Halloween by Piney Gir

– – –

And it doesn’t stop there! Piney Gir recently released her new single ‘Oh Lie’. Inspired, the singer teamed up with directors Joe and Mike Smith to make a horror spoof featuring plenty of tomato ketchup.

– – –

Krafty Kuts is streaming a new Halloween themed mix recorded for Annie Nightingale.

As Keith Richards once observed: “Halloween – one day for you, a lifetime for me”. But that’s not the only link between October 31st and the world of music, with All Hallow’s Eve boasting the most bitchin’ soundtrack of any festivity.

A host of bands and producers are releasing new material today, inspired by the unique atmosphere of October 31st. Krafty Kuts is amongst the most generous, streaming a new Halloween inspired mix.

Party favourites are included – think ‘Thriller’ et al – but the dexterous DJ manages to slip in a few lesser known tracks. Interspersed in the mix are spoken word samples from some staple scary movies, with clips from ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’, ‘Hellraiser’ and more.

Stream the mix below…

Krafty Kuts – Radio 1 with Annie Nightingale – Halloween Mini Mix – 28.10.11 by KraftyKuts

– – –


1. Krafty Kuts – Halloween Intro
2. A.Skillz & Nick Thayer – Halloween Edit
3. Doug E Fresh – Play This At Night Only (Phantasm)
4. Featurecast – Rock Your Body (Beetlejuice)
5. Michael Jackson – Thriller
6. Lords Of The Underground – Psycho (Acapella)
7. Jace Everett – Bad Things (True Blood)
8. Bird Peterson – Zombies
9. Kernkraft – Zombie Nation
10. John Carpenter – Halloween Soundtrack
11. Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf
12. Urban Assault – Halloween
13. Figure – Michael Myers Is Dead
14. Figure – Beetlejuice
15. Mike Oldfield -Tubular Bells (The Exorcist)
16. Camo + Krooked – Hot Pursuit
17. Ice T – Colours
18. Jack Marshall – The Munsters Theme Tune
19. Prodigy – Omen
20. Adina Howard – Freak Like Me (Acapella)
21. Missy Elliot – Get Ya Freak On (Acapella)
22. Krafty Kuts – Freakshow
23. Echo & The Bunnymen – People Are Strange (Lost Boys)

– – –

Of course, Krafty Kuts is far from the only DJ getting in the Halloween mood. Deadboy has followed last year’s spooky mix with a fresh instalment, aimed squarely at the dancefloor – grab it HERE.

Paul White has made a new remix EP available as a free download via his BandCamp page.

Hailing from London, hip hop producer Paul White has earned the respect of Stateside cognoscenti. Earlier this year the beatsmith released his new album, the appropriately titled ‘Rapping With Paul Smith’.

Featuring guest appearances from the likes of Guilty Simpson, the producer’s wonky, Stones Throw inspired beats displayed a real sense of imagination and ambition too often lacking in commercial hip hop.

Now the producer is set to follow his recent album with a remix EP. Paul White has re-worked several cuts from ‘Rapping With…’ and thrown in a few bonus beats for good measure.

Available for free, you can grab it via the widget below…

– – –

Meanwhile, Paul White has confirmed plans for a one off show in London. Taking place on November 11th, the full line up features appearances from Mo Colours, DJ Alex Chase and more.

Tickets are on sale now.

Paul White has confirmed the following show:

11 London CAMP

Click here to buy tickets for Paul White!

Five years ago, despite releasing his biggest single to date, Patrick Wolf had alienated his fan base. Bumping and grinding in a binbag costume at Leeds Festival he was another singer transforming to please a label, desperate to hit the mainstream. Onstage bust ups followed, a musically weak album and ultimately the loss of an underrated popstar.

Usually it’s hard to come back from that change. Some crash and burn, while others continue to win fans through filler pop. Patrick, however, has managed to retreat back into his shell, creating belting hits and quiet classics.

Dressed in a polka dot shirt with his jet black hair, Patrick is hardly going to blend into the background, but as he eases us into ‘House’ he holds back, instead focussing on the smooth violins and effortless vocals. ‘The Bachelor’ is mainly forgotten with nods instead to ‘Lycanthropy’ as each song unravels. Joined by bass clarinettists, a heavy metal drummer and violinist, it’s an unusual stage set up creating an unbalanced stage presence. But as Wolf bursts into ‘Bloodbeat’, an overpowering rhythm of synths and strings, we’re left entranced as he twirls around the stage. ‘Accident and Emergency’ always feels like a slow motion ‘Magic Position’ but tonight with a tie around his head it’s a world of carefree chaos.

Relaxed onstage Patrick effortlessly soars from note to note with deep falsetto, only pausing to pick up the array of instruments scattered at his feet. ‘Tristan’ isn’t as encroaching as it once was but ‘The Libertine’ remains hauntingly unnerving – awash with signature strings and drumbeats. But throughout there’s an essence that Wolf is holding back, at least until ‘The City’, an encore littered with disco beats and pounding drums. Bursting out of the stage, Wolf manages to create his best single to date without an extravagant outfit, a hissy fit or a strop. Instead, his fanbase is as big as ever and Patrick Wolf can go back to being the biggest underrated popstar in the UK.

Words by Ruth Offord
Photos by Andy Cook

Click HERE to see more photos from Patrick Wolf’s gig.

Photo gallery from Mona and Transfer’s gig at Shepherds Bush Empire, London.

Photos by Sophie Williams

To read a review of the performance, click HERE.

It’s a very rare occasion that you get two great American guitar bands in one venue on the same night. It seems that Shepherds Bush Empire won the musical lottery when Mona brought Transfer along to play to a packed crowd.

Hailing from San Diego, Transfer have been climbing the ladder to greatness, touring with Brandon Flowers, White Lies, Mona and next month Kaiser Chiefs. Picking up new fans along the way and gaining rave reviews. Even Paul McCartney popped in to say hello when they recorded a session for Live at Abbey Road.

Tonight they’re on top form playing songs from their debut album ‘Future Selves’. A hidden gem that when you hear once, you just won’t be able to stop.

Transfer are a real rock and roll band with influences from The Beatles and Led Zepplin. They’ve acted on these influences well, creating an atmospheric and exciting performances. Their enthusiasm and passion for what they are doing makes them shine out in the Empire.

Highlights of the set have to be ‘Losing Composure’ which gets the crowd going with its catchy chorus and guitar rhythms. On the left hand side, there’s a crowd of fans hanging onto every word of ‘Wake to Sleep’, arms in the air and some serious head nodding. As they leave the stage, it seems it won’t be long until Transfer are headlining Shepherds Bush Empire with their passion and great tunes.

A quick turnaround and then it’s time for Mona to grace this famous stage. The crowd go mental. There are roars, screams and some frantic jumping.

Nick Brown, lead singer is highly energetic, blasting his lyrics into the crowd while jumping around the stage. It’s hot, sweaty and everyone is loving Mona. At the back of the Empire, people as casually drinking and nodding their heads while near the front there are mosh pits and people fist pumping into space.

Highlights have to be ‘Shooting the Moon’ where Nick climbed the speakers on the side of the stage, arms waving in the air with the crowd hanging on to every word. ‘Teenagers’ is also a great catchy tune that makes you want to hear more.

Hailing from Tennessee, Mona can often be referred to as another Kings of Leon, but they’re so different in their own way that they stand out from the crowd. The band show that they still haven’t forgotten their roots, covering Johnny Cash dedicating it to the Man in Black. This is a rock and roll show after all.

As the night draws to a close and the house lights are switched back on, everyone leaving has a massive grin on their face. They should do, after all they’ve been treated to two brilliant rock and roll shows.

Words and photos by Sophie Williams