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Think you know Young Knives? Well appearances can be deceiving. The loveable weeds in tweed returned with their third full length album ‘Ornaments From The Silver Arcade’.

While the lyrics were typically acerbic, the music was more varied than ever. Recognisable as Young Knives, this isn’t quite a re-invention as a gentle tinkering with the engine. Shades of R&B run through the album, with the trio allowing their pop side to run free throughout ‘Ornaments From The Silver Arcade’.

Spending the summer on the road, Young Knives are set to burst into Autumn with a new single. Stripped from the recent LP ‘Vision In Rags’ is a typically buoyant effort from the band, with guitars all a-kilter and vocals which hint at a tropical flavour as lead singer House of Lords explains…

The Lyrics were done by chopping up the original song lyrics and re-arranging them and glueing them back onto a big piece of paper. The final recording of this song as we used an old analogue rhythm generator set to ‘bossa nova’ to get the hissy drum machine noise. You can also hear Congas being played by the legendary percussionist Lenny Castro who has played with Toto, Steely Dan, Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder. All recorded in Steely Dan’s Drummers Studio over a Woolworths Keyboard and a toy steel drum while the crickets serenaded the night sky.

Out on September 12th, you can watch the video for ‘Vision In Rags’ exclusively on ClashMusic…

D/R/U/G/S is set to lead Manchester’s latest charge on London courtesy of Gio Goi.

Anyone see the football at the weekend? In case you didn’t notice, the teams in Manchester took London, chewed it up and spat it right back out again. Now it seems that the city could do the same to the music scene…

Clothing brand Gio Goi have their roots in Manchester, having been inspired by the Acid House explosion. Now the brand have decided to host a free party in London featuring some of Manchester’s hottest new electronic talent.

D/R/U/G/S have made a big noise in a short time. Releasing only a handful of singles, the Manchester based producer has won acclaim from the nerdiest of blogs (hello!) to the hottest of style rags.

Set to appear at the Gio Goi party, D/R/U/G/S will be joined by some contemporaries from the Northern metropolis. Silverclub and Young British Artists will join the fun, which is set to be held in a pop up shop on Brick Lane.

The shop will fling open its doors on September 14th, with Gio Goi planning to unveil their new collaboration with Citroen. A limited edition trainer, DS3 Racing by Gio-Goi will be on display at the one off event.

But that’s not all, with Gio Goi set to re-visit their coming of age in the rave scene. The brand are planning to host a free Acid House re-union party at Moho Live in Manchester this Friday (September 2nd).

Gio Goi founders Chris and Anthony Donnelly were responsible for some of the first warehouse parties in the city, and even held the fabled 24 hour Joy party which held tens of thousands of people.

Featuring a line up drawing on the original Hacienda DJ team the event at Moho Live will feature sets from Jon da Silva and Nude pair Mike Pickering and Graeme Park – grab free tickets HERE.

Free entry, the details of the Acid House re-union are as follows:

2 Manchester Moho Live

With the summer winding down things are sure heating up when it comes to bands hitting the road and releasing new records this fall! Too much to keep track of. Here is a quick recap of some of the exciting releases to keep tabs on!

Rumour has it, the Arkells are not nearly as huge outside of Canada as they are within our borders. This is incredibly surprising to hear because their rock anthems are well suited for any fan of rock music no matter the area code. Often harped on for stealing too much from Springsteen’s handbook, you really can’t deny the Arkells can write great songs that will cling to Canadian culture like hockey play-off moustaches. Their new album “Michigan Left” makes you feel young, in a warm and fuzzy sort of way. Single “Kiss Cam” is along those same lines. Video below…

While watching the “Kiss Cam” video. at about 1:03 you will spot a young frazzled man wearing a shirt that says “What is a Sandman Viper Command” which leads me to my next recommendation…

Sandman Viper Command is a killer garage rock and roll 4 piece from the Toronto area that I work with. Their unique way of mixing fuzz-pop with classic rock break downs has turned many a head here in Canada. They recently unleashed a new 7inch called Rough Love produced by Jon Drew (Tokyo Police Club, The Arkells). The single “Rough Love” is a 6 minute epic theatrical romp filled to the brim with adolescent lust and desire. I can promise you’ve heard nothing like it before. Pssst. you can grab a free download of it here:

Check out “Yo Bobcat!” below.

Might as well segue in to some news from Newmarket, Ontario’s own Tokyo Police Club. They have sold their souls to Polaroid and are recording 10 covers in 10 days for the Polaroid website. Lucky for us, selling out sounds SUPER good and you can hear them take a go at tracks by Moby, Phoenix, Queens of the Stone Age, Kelly Clarkson, The Strokes, Jimmy Eat World, and more! They collaborate on these covers with a various cast of indie rock elite. Members of M83, Passion Pit, and Mariachi El Bronx join in on the fun! Give them a listen here:

My new favourite up and comers come from the east coast this month (big surprise). Boxer the Horse hail from the small city of Charlottetown, PEI. One can assume coming from a small town will leave you with lots of excess time. These boys turned that time in to a great record called Would You Please and crammed it chock full of folk pop sing-a-longs. Though they’ve been kicking around Canada for a while now, their writing just keeps getting better and better… and something’s gotta give, right? Check out their video for “Bad Apples”

So there you have it! What’s good in Canada! Please send me your suggestions! @saridelmar

Until next month,

Sari Delmar is president of a Canadian artist development, marketing, and management company called Audio Blood. Delmar spent years freelance writing before moving over to the industry side. Audio Blood has helped kickstart careers for some of Canada’s favourite exports and includes many major and indie Canadian labels on their impressive
client list.

For more info visit and follow @audiobloodmedia.

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Album Reviews

Summer Camp are set to play a headline British tour in November, ahead of the release of their debut album.

Beguiling on record, Summer Camp are equally irresistible when playing live. Asking fans to send in photos from their adolescence, the backdrop of the stage becomes a blur of disastrous haircuts and strange wardrobe choices.

It’s all rather endearing…

Almost completing work on their debut album, Summer Camp asked fans to get involved via the PledgeMusic scheme. Amongst the treats on offer for those who help fund the album are chocolate brownies, a video night with the band and a lot more.

For full details click HERE.

With their new single ‘Better Off Without You’ looming on the release schedule, Summer Camp are preparing to pack their bags for a full British tour. As ever, visuals will be to the fore so expect something naff, nostalgic and completely charming.

Opening in Lancaster on November 9th, Summer Camp will kick off the tour in a library. Part of the ongoing ‘Get It Loud In Libraries’ campaign the pair will bring their debut album ‘Welcome To Condale’ to life amongst the books of Lancaster.

Playing Liverpool’s Mojo as part of Live Music Week, the band will then visit Newcastle, Leeds and more. Hitting Southampton, Oxford and more Summer Camp are set to play London’s Efes on November 17th.

Moving around the country, the tour comes to a close in Brighton on November 19th. Taking place in the Green Door Store, the show brings one of the band’s most sustained tours to an end.

Tickets are on sale now.

Summer Camp are set to play the following shows:

9 Lancaster Library
10 Liverpool Mojo
11 Newcastle Dog and Parrot
12 Leeds Constellations
14 Southampton Joiners
15 Oxford Jericho
17 London Efes
18 Canterbury Farmhouse
19 Brighton Green Door Store

Click here to buy tickets for Summer Camp!

Los Campesinos! are set to release their new album ‘Hello Sadness’ on November 14th.

Formed when still studying at university, Los Campesinos! have changed immensely since those early singles. A sprawling collective, the departure of Harriet Campesinos! means that only four / fifths of the original line up remain.

Retreating to Spain earlier this year, the band began work on their third album (not including ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’…). Hooking up with John Goodmanson, sessions were spread across the Spring.

The follow up to the unjustly overlooked ‘Romance Is Boring’ set, Los Campesinos! have now completed their new album. ‘Hello Sadness’ finds the band maturing, yet apparently with a very immediate pop edge.

Wichita are set to handle the release, with ‘Hello Sadness’ due to drop on November 14th. Packing their bags to record in Spain, the end of a relationship meant that Los Campesinos! were forced to re-write every word from scratch.

In a statement Gareth Campesinos! reflected the mood of growing up. “It feels like we’ve done all our growing up while in this band,” he said.

“Not like we’re Hanson, or anything. But we’ve been Los Campesinos! since finishing university, and in that time we’ve all changed as people massively. That’s something we want to put across in the music.”

‘Hello Sadness’ is set to be available as a pre-sale bundle from the band’s website. Fans who claim their copy early will be able to bag a digital download, an exclusive, limited edition DVD of footage from the recording of the new album (including a documentary and a “How To Play…” feature) plus an exclusive, pre-order only ‘Palmist’ T-shirt.

Alongside this the bundle contains ‘Hold On Now, Youngster… The Demos’, a CD of recently unearthed demo versions which formed the spine of Los Campesinos!’s first album. Containing some rare material, the CD holds songs such as ‘How I Taught Myself To Scream’ and ‘No Tetris’ – both of which are unavailable elsewhere.

Los Campesinos! are set to release ‘Hello Sadness’ on November 14th. Tracklisting:

By Your Hand
Songs About Your Girlfriend
Hello Sadness
Life Is A Long Time
Every Defeat A Divorce (Three Lions)
Hate For The Island
The Black Bird, The Dark Slope
To Tundra
Baby I Got The Death Rattle
Light Leaves, Dark Sees pt. II

Australian label Modular are set to launch the Club Mod series with a new release from 120 Days.

Based in Australia, Modular have helped give the country’s electronic scene a national prominence. With an eclectic roster the label can move from indie-dance to straight forward techno, and the imprint is now set to expand this further.

Modular are planning to launch a new club-heavy project named (appropriately enough) Club Mod. A series of 12 inch and digital releases, the imprint is set to get underway with a cut from 120 Days.

The Norwegian four piece are most readily associated with Smalltown Supersound, but have recorded widely. Moving between Krautrock style periods of introspection and all out dancefloor abandon, 120 Days have a varied yet extremely distinct output.

Chosen to spearhead Club Mod the Norwegian group are planning to release their new track ‘Osaka’ on October 3rd. Available on digital and 12 inch format the track will come equipped with a remixes from Sidwho? and Diskjokke.

The music has been specially crafted for Club Mod, with the artwork coming from Fergadelic. A well known figure in the graphic world, the artist has worked extensively with the likes of Slam City Skates, Stussy, Soulwax and more.

Fergadelic is set to design a special 12 inch house bag for each release, collaborating extensively with Modular in the process.

Talking about their influences of late, 120 Days admitted to listening to: “the hard minimalist industrial sound of Detroit Techno, the transcendental drone jazz of early Alice Coltrane, and the over-the-top orchestral maximalism of Wagnerian opera”.

To preview the release 120 Days have taken control of the Modular podcast. Available from this Friday (September 2nd) the Modcast will feature remixes, unheard cuts and of course ‘Osaka’.

120 Days are set to release ‘Osaka’ on October 3rd.

Surfer Blood are set to return with their new EP ‘Tarot Classics’ on October 24th.

Matching shoegaze guitars to a real sense of grit, Surfer Blood dropped their debut album last year. ‘Astro Coast’ was a stunning release – all powerful songwriting and blistering riffs that collapsed out of the speaker.

Touring extensively, the band hooked up with the likes of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Interpol, The Drums and more. Now, though, it seems that Surfer Blood are itching to get some new material out there.

Managing to grab a few free minutes earlier this year, Surfer Blood laid down the tracks which would become their new EP. ‘Tarot Classics’ follows their debut album, and is a four track indication of where the band’s head is at.

Some material from the new EP already features in the live show. ‘I’m Not Ready’ is a favourite with fans and kicks off the release before the band move in some unexpected directions. ‘Voyager Reprise’ and ‘Miranda’ utilise an array of samples alongside a horn section, while closing track ‘Drinking Problem’ is deeply experimental.

A fascinating glimpse of where Surfer Blood might be heading next, ‘Tarot Classics’ is set to drop on October 24th. Available on CD, vinyl and digital download the EP comes complete with remixes from Totally Sincere (aka Connor Hanwick of the Drums and Peggy Wang of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart), San Francisco based Speculator, School Of Seven Bells and Allen Blickle.

Meanwhile, Surfer Blood are planning on getting back out on the road. The American group will support Pixies on a North American tour before returning to the UK for dates with The Vaccines and a spot at ATP’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

Tickets for all shows are on sale now.

Surfer Blood are set to release ‘Tarot Classics’ on October 24th.

Blitzen Trapper are streaming their new album ‘American Goldwing’ – listen to it now!

A Portland based five piece, Blitzen Trapper have always taken an independent approach to their music. Building their reputation piece by piece, the group are now approaching their sixth studio album.

‘American Goldwing’ finds the band with a fan base to please and a reputation to uphold. Due for release on September 12th, Blitzen Trapper have been teasing fans for weeks with snippets of new material.

Now you can stream the entire album a whole fortnight before the release. Blitzen Trapper are in a generous mood, making ‘American Goldwing’ available to fans as an easy to use stream below…

– – –

In a statement Blitzen Trapper singer Eric Earley had the following to say about the new album. “It’s me trying to evoke a true American nostalgia. My vision and focus while writing our new album was on the inescapable past” he said.

“It’s about those feelings of being trapped in a small town. That fine line between the rural and the suburban settings that define much of America, that line between love and loss that occurs when you find yourself taking it too easy and sticking around a lonesome town for far too long.”

‘American Goldwing’ is set to be released on September 12th.

Casiokids are set to release their new single ‘Det Haster!’ on October 17th through Moshi Moshi.

There aren’t many ‘firsts’ to be claimed in British pop music. However when Casiokids hooked up with Moshi Moshi for their debut single, the Bergen group became the first band to release a single entirely in Norwegian.

Taking their name from the beat up keyboards which produce their sound, Casiokids mixed post-punk guitars with a joyous, home-made electronic sound.

Releasing three acclaimed singles, the group finally settled into a fully-fledged studio to record their debut album earlier this year. ‘Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen’ is now almost complete and will be released in January 2012.

Preceding the album, Casiokids are set to unveil their new single ‘Det Haster!’ in October. A typically uplifting piece of electro-pop the single comes backed with a previously unheard of Montreal remix.

Set to be released on October 17th, the single is taken from their new album. Recorded in Bergen, Casiokids have had time to really focus on their songwriting as singer Ketil Kinden Endresen explains, “Doing the recordings within the same timeframe left us more focused in the studio, shaping ideas from sketches into the finished songs with the whole album in mind.”

Meanwhile, Casiokids have also confirmed a number of British tour dates. An always fun live proposition, the Norwegian band will open the shows in Southampton’s Joiners venue on November 21st.

The dates continue with shows in Liverpool, Brighton and more before Casiokids hit London on November 24th.

Tickets are on sale now.

Casiokids are set to play the following shows:

21 Southampton Joiners
22 Liverpool Shipping Forecast
24 London Shacklewell Arms
25 Brighton The Haunt
26 Nottingham Bodega Social Club

Click here to buy tickets for Casiokids!