Magnetic Man are amongst the latest additions to the line up of Snowbombing 2011.

Set in the hills of Austria, Snowbombing is one of Europe’s most unusual festivals. Combining some first rate snow sports with an eclectic music bill, the event is gaining in popularity with each passing year.

The line up for 2011 is already being formed, with organisers announcing just some of the names who will grace the turntables at Snowbombing. Dubstep trio Magnetic Man are due to perform, fresh from breaching the walls of the mainstream.

The group’s recent single ‘Perfect Stranger’ went Top Ten, while Magnetic Man spent the summer demolishing festivals across Europe. Due to start 2011 in some style, the trio are set to perform at Snowbombing.

Joining the trio on the bill is Snowbombing regular Fatboy Slim. Norman Cook knows what he likes, and clearly award winning snow conditions are on that list. Under his Fatboy Slim guise the producer is rarely aware from the slopes, having performed at last year’s event.

Elsewhere, the dubstep scene is given heavy representation with the likes of Joker, Ramadanman and more due to perform. Dancehall guru Toddla T is set to take part in Snowbombing, while Plastician has also been added.

Techno don Carl Craig is scheduled to appear, while elsewhere King of the Edit Greg Wilson, Matt J and Scratch Perverts are set to perform.

Meanwhile, Snowbombing has confirmed live appearances from Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Tinie Tempah and more. The Cuban Brothers are set to appear, far from their native land.

A comedy trio with a difference, The Cuban Brothers bring the party with some side splitting material. With more names still to be added, Snowbombing 2011 is looking set to be a vintage year.

Snowbombing is due to take place between April 4th – 9th.

The Sexual Objects are set to release their new album ‘Cucumber’ on November 22nd.

Davy Henderson is very much an unheralded figure in Scottish music. As the lead singer with The Fire Engines he helped ignite the post-punk movement, recording a string of blazing singles.

Mixing funk, punk, radical politics and more The Fire Engines were like the dissonant cousins of Orange Juice. Splitting after a handful of releases, Davy Henderson then formed Nectarine No.9 who became cult heroes.

Working for more than a decade together, Nectarine No.9 releasing a string of acclaimed albums. Now Davy Henderson has formed a new group, with The Sexual Objects set to release their debut album.

Working with a number of guests, The Sexual Objects previously released a series of singles which are due to be collected on ‘Cucumber’. ‘Full Penetration’, ‘Merrie England‘, ‘Queen City of the 4th Dimension’ and more are joined by ‘Here Come The Rubber Cops’ – produced by none other than Boards Of Canada.

The legendary Warp duo add a sophisticated sonic touch to ‘Here Come The Rubber Cops’. Already a collectors item, the single helped to bring more attention to the work produced by The Sexual Objects.

Recorded over the space of 12 months, The Sexual Objects aimed to capture the raw, ragged energy of The Move or The Modern Lovers.

Due to be released on November 22nd, ‘Cucumber’ will be followed by a series of tour dates. Opening on November 10th in London, The Sexual Objects will finish the short burst of shows in Glasgow.

The Sexual Objects have confirmed the following shows:

10 London Club Fandango
11 Manchester Night & Day
12 Newcastle Star & Shadow Cinema
14 Glasgow King Tuts

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The Go! Team are set to release their new album ‘Rolling Blackouts’ on January 31st.

Ending a break of nearly three years, The Go! Team have confirmed details of their latest batch of kaleidoscopic pop. Based in Brighton, the collective have reconvened for another blast of sheer musical energy.

Merging the ecstasy of Motown with the urgency of techno, The Go! Team plunder decades of material. Becoming cult heroes with their euphoric live show, the band are now set to return with a fresh batch of material.

Retreating to their base in Brighton, The Go! Team reversed their working process. Before, the band would patch together samples and after a while a song would form, the outline hardening through a fog of influences.

Now the band work from an acoustic guitar, writing the song before adding in layers of effects. Meticulous as ever, The Go! Team honed the sound until they were ready to call on a varied team of collaborators.

Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino chips in on a couple of tracks, while hotly tipped rappers such as Dominique Young Unique, Lispector and more.

‘Rolling Blackouts’ is epic from the start, exploding into action with the Ninja-led ‘T.O.R.N.A.D.O.’. A blast of energy from start to finish, the new album is perhaps the bands most relentless to date.

As a special preview, The Go! Team have placed ‘T.O.R.N.A.D.O’ on their SoundCloud page. Click HERE to listen to it.

Meanwhile, the band are set to return to live duties in February. Kicking off on February 3rd, The Go! Team are due to open the tour in Glasgow’s Oran Mor before moving around the country.

The Go! Team are due to release their new album ‘Rolling Blackouts’ on January 31st.

Iron & Wine are set to release a new single as part of the upcoming ‘Black Friday’ event.

In case you haven’t noticed, Christmas is on the way. Supermarkets are slipping advent calendars in through the back door, waiting patiently for the Halloween rush to end so they can fill the aisles with tinsel.

Amid the morass of advertising, spare a thought for independent businesses. Huge supermarkets can write down music releases, confident in the knowledge that customers can spend elsewhere to make the practice worthwhile.

Now a new project in America aims to help out independent record stores. Brought to you by the boffins behind ‘Record Store Day’ the upcoming ‘Black Friday’ event will boast a similar array of new releases.

Black Friday is the name given by American retailers to the day after Thanksgiving. Traditionally the start of the Christmas rush, this year it falls on November 26th and will result in a flood of new music.

Iron & Wine are set to release their new single ‘Walking Far From Home’. Available on CD and 12 inch vinyl, the lead track is coupled with new songs ‘Summer In Savannah’ and ‘Biting Your Tail’.

Available from November 26th, Iron & Wine’s new single will only be released physically in independent record stores. Elsewhere, MGMT are due to release a special gatefold single while Grinderman, Cee-Lo and The Gaslight Anthem are all due to take part.

Even legends such as Bob Dylan are planning special releases, with the songwriter due to release a seven inch featuring archival versions of ‘The Times They Are A-Changing’ and ‘Like A Rolling Stone’.

A host of labels, promoters and stores are set to take part with events planned across the United States. Not quite as high profile as the more international ‘Record Store Day’ the releases will no doubt filter across the Atlantic in time.

‘Black Friday’ is on November 26th.

Pixies have re-launched their website and to celebrate the band are giving away a recording of their set at Coachella in 2004.

Given that they are now on a fixture on the festival circuit, it’s difficult to imagine a time when Pixies were regarded more as a myth than a reality. Hugely influential, the band split in the early 90s leaving a decade long period of silence.

However in 2004 rumours began to circulate about a potential reformation. Suddenly, Pixies soared back into view playing a series of incredible live shows which dipped into their frankly astounding back catalogue.

Currently re-visiting ‘Doolittle’ with a lengthy series of tour dates, Pixies have become a rolling exercise in alt rock nostalgia. Re-launching their website, the band have released a number of live recordings.

The latest of these is an entire set from Coachella in 2004. One of the band’s biggest shows since reforming – at the time, anyway – the slot saw thousands of fans descend on the main stage for an emotional performance.

Pixies didn’t let them down, proving to be every bit as vital, visceral and damaging than a decade before. Now you can re-live that moment, with a free live recording courtesy of the band’s new site.

All they require is your email address…

Largely owing to his remarkable snake hips, Brett Anderson’s place in the annals of Britpop has always been distinct from those laddish contemporaries. Where other leading frontmen have in the past taken to the stage with their hands behind their back and their feet glued firmly to the ground, Anderson’s inexorable thrusting and erotic writhing has always imbued him with a sense of lavish theatricality, securing his status as the genre’s most nubile showman.

Seven years after they disbanded, Suede played a comeback show at the Royal Albert Hall, minus a certain guitarist of course. Bernard Butler’s absence may have been felt by the few diehard traditionalists longing for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, but for everyone else, a new chapter in the book of Suede had begun.

Just months later and Suede are playing sold-out show to a small crowd at London’s Bush Hall, effortlessly trawling through their back catalogue for an hour and a half to the delight of everyone present. To say that Thursday night was an intimate affair would be something of an understatement. The limited capacity of Bush Hall, coupled with the sauntering heat inside the venue made for a claustrophobic sweat box, where bruised and battered limbs were an inevitable consequence. But you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Within moments of the band appearing on stage, hushed, polite tones quickly rose to a rowdy clamour. Despite the slightly older demographic, the crowd were undeterred by age, casting aside their physical fears as they recklessly threw themselves at each other, a flurry of sweaty, flailing limbs, a heavy mass of bodies. Standing right by the speakers, eardrums were blast into sonic orbit, shattered into a trillion tingling pieces. Periously moving into the eye of the storm was the only option it seemed, remaining there for the duration, melting into our own sweating bodies.

Just fifteen minutes in and they’ve already started on the classics. That familiar, iconic riff starts up, Anderson’s androgynous drawl chimes in and everyone suddenly surges forward, spurred on by memory and nostalgia, shouting out the lyrics to ‘Trash’ like there was no tomorrow. The band are clad head to toe in black, slick, serious and looking like they mean business. If it wasn’t for Anderson’s shameless flamboyance, the overall aesthetics of the thing could have been a little stiff. But it has always been about Brett, everyone knows that. He provides the bang; the others light the flame.

The fashionable sparkle of ‘Filmstar’ is still effervescent, impervious to time, ‘Can’t Get Enough’ is as biting as ever and ‘Animal Nitrate’ just rolls of the tongue. Their britglam sound may not translate so easily anymore but their lyrics still have a place, that mix of social commentary and frivolous irreverence always an appealing concoction.

Ending on their softer, sincere side with ‘Wild Ones’, the only track missing from the set is ‘Stay Together’, but B sides ‘My Insatiable One’ and ‘To The Birds’ go down well with the fanboys and girls and prove that beyond the classics there is still plenty more to be unearthed. There’s an added joie de vivre, a reinforced tack to their performance which is perhaps the most surprising thing. They’re not just as good as they were in 1997, but even better.

Words by April Welsh

Peter, Bjorn & John are working on new material which could see them return to their roots.

Swedish trio Peter, Bjorn & John may be best known for the melancholic indie pop of ‘Young Folks’ but there is so much more to the band than this. Together, the trio have moved from a classic soft-rock sound to quite experimental material.

‘Seaside Rock’ in 2008 was an experimental collage of spoken word and music, while follow up ‘Living Thing’ was far from straight forward. Working on new material, Peter, Bjorn & John are apparently set to return to their roots.

The band have been holed up in the studio working on the forthcoming album, which is a return to their classic pop sound. Speaking to Spin, drummer John Eriksson explained that the material began as straight up punk.

“We originally planned to make a punk rock album,” he said. “But listening to it now it’s definitely a pop rock album. But it sounds more punk rock when we play the songs live!”

“We’ve sort (of) gone back to the beginning,” he explained before joking: “It’s like Back To The Future!”

The sessions are being steered by producer Per Sunding, who has introduced a party atmosphere to the studio. Erikkson explained that the band began drinking in the studio, with new track ‘Tomorrow Has To Wait’ apparently inspired by the party getting out of hand.

“We were more drunk this time,” the drummer said. “We have to blame the producer for that. He made us drink more. A lot of the final cuts were the drunken versions.”

Due to be released early next year, the forthcoming album has yet to be given a title. “We’ve been working on an album title for six months,” Eriksson explained.

“We’ve been asking our fans on Twitter, We have everything from ‘Clever Pig’ to ‘Stupid Sock’, which have been working titles. But it’s not going to be called anything like that. We’re working on it!”

Peter, Bjorn & John are set to release their new album next year.

Foo Fighters have revealed more ticket details about their mammoth shows at the Milton Keynes Bowl.

One of the most popular rock acts of their generation, Foo Fighters have been dormant for too long. Taking a break in 2008, the band decided to indulge themselves in a series of all star side projects.

However the lure of Foo Fighters was too strong, and the American act went back into the studio earlier this year. Close to completing their new album, the band recently confirmed two enormous shows at the Milton Keynes Bowl.

Now the band have confirmed that O2 customers will be able to get their hands on tickets before anyone else. Tickets to the Foo Fighters gigs, at the Milton Keynes Bowl on July 2nd – 3rd 2011 go on sale to O2 customers at 9am on 3 November, a whole 48 hours before they go on general release.

To register, just text FOO to 2020 from a mobile on the O2 network. If you’re mobile isn’t working or you have no credit simply head to and follow the instructions on the O2 website.

Meanwhile, Dave Grohl has spoken about his favourite memories of the UK. “That’s a tough one. We’ve had so many amazing shows in the UK over the years. Festivals and clubs, arenas and stadiums………I can remember almost every show we’ve ever played, but choosing favorites is always tough.”

“I’d probably have to say that my favorite festival headlining slot was Reading 2002. It was just before our 4th record (One By One) came out, and rather than open the show with something familiar, we decided to open with a new one. Kind of risky, but we knew it was gonna rock. It was “All My Life”, before anyone had ever heard it, and the crowd went bananas. Having played Reading for the first time in 1991 with Nirvana, headlining that festival a decade later with the Foos was a serious moment for me. It was a huge achievement, personally. I’ll always love that festival. It kind of feels like home to me.”

“Without question, the Wembley Stadium shows of 2008 were the bands headlining career highlight. It still amazes me that we sold that place out. Twice! It’s a pretty good feeling walking of stage drenched in sweat after having rocked 85,000 people…….you should try it sometime…..”

Foo Fighters are set to play the following shows:

2 Milton Keynes Bowl
3 Milton Keynes Bowl

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Fast rising singer Katy B is set to release new single ‘Lights On’ on December 13th.

What are the odds for a dubstep tune at Christmas number one? This time last year you could have got a million to one, however with Magnetic Man riding high in the charts the idea is suddenly not so outlandish.

Katy B has dominated the charts this year, with solo work and guesting on Magnetic Man’s hit single ‘Perfect Stranger’. Her own debut single ‘Katy On A Mission’ was a massive hit, storming into the charts.

Taking dubstep into the Top Ten, ‘Katy On A Mission’ helped soundtrack the summer. Now the singer is preparing for a bit of festive fun.

Working with Ms Dynamite, Katy B’s ‘Lights On’ is sublime bass heavy pop. As slick as Beyonce, the Peckham girl epitomises the new-found swagger and chart appeal of London club culture.

‘Lights On’ is due to be released on December 13th, and could be a contender for Christmas number one. Going up against Take That, The X Factor (backlash) and the obligatory Cliff Richard effort the track could score a festive hit.

Produced by Rinse FM founder Geenius, ‘Lights On’ nods towards garage, UK funky and more. Running through the track, though, is a shrewd pop edge which could well propel Katy B back into the charts.

No doubt released with a picture of Santa on the front, Father Christmas will be saying ‘brap’ when he comes down your chimney this year. Katy B’s new track is taken from her forthcoming debut album, which boasts production from Benga and more.

Set to be released in 2011, the album will be available through the now legit Rinse FM label. 2010 – the year dubstep broke?

Katy B is due to release ‘Lights On’ on December 13th.

Suede launched their new ‘Best Of’ with an ecstatic show in London’s Bush Hall last night (October 27th).

Reforming for a one off show earlier this year, Suede could not have expected the rapturous reaction from their fans. Former guitarist Bernard Butler may not be impressed, but a one off show for the Teenage Cancer Trust won acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Announcing a new 2-disc ‘Best Of’ compilation Suede are set to see out the year with a massive show at the O2 Arena. Before then, however, the band opted to launch the album with an intimate West London show.

Playing the sold out Bush Hall venue, Suede were greeted with huge applause from the crowd. The band played a total of nineteen songs, drawing on the full resources of their lengthy back catalogue.

Opening with ‘This Hollywood Life’ the set naturally drew on the band’s stunning first three albums. However there were a few surprises along the way, notably B-side ‘Killing Of A Flash Boy’.

Debut single ‘The Drowners’ was unearthed to wild cheers from the crowd, before singer Brett Anderson asked the audience what they wanted to hear next. “Do you want a good one or a shit one?” he probed.

“I’ll give you a good one – I’ll give the best one,” he said before launching into ‘The Wild Ones’. Taken from second album ‘Dog Man Star’ the track is one of the finest from the Anderson-Butler era, with the frontman’s voice swooping into near operatic territory.

Playing early tracks such as ‘So Young’ both the crowd and band were clearly enjoying themselves. Britpop era classic ‘Beautiful Ones’ ended the main set, before Suede returned for a quick run through ‘To The Birds’.

Leaving to cheers from the packed crowd, Suede are now looking forward to the massive O2 Arena show. Taking place on December 7th, the gig follows the release of their new ‘Best Of’ on Monday (November 1st).

Suede played the following tracks:

‘This Hollywood Life’
‘Killing Of A Flashboy’
‘Animal Nitrate’
‘Pantomime Horse’
‘My Insatiable One’
‘The Drowners’
‘Can’t Get Enough’
‘Everything Will Flow’
‘The Asphalt World’
‘So Young’
‘Metal Mickey’
‘The Wild Ones’
‘New Generation’
‘Beautiful Ones’
‘To The Birds’