Those guys at Relentless Energy Drink just keep on giving…Not intent on bringing us a monthly Garage Session showcasing some of the best new acts around, they’ve organised a three-day extravaganza of live music and entertainment.

In addition to installations and galleries, there are of course, an array of bands, ranging from the strange, to the heavy, to the downright weird…

Taking between 21st-23rd October at the Relentless Garage, here are some of the acts already confirmed for October’s shindig…

The Sounds
Post-New Wave all the way from Sweden, with a twist: sweet female vocals give the band a softer edge. And The Sounds certainly know how to throw a party, well there’s a fair few of them, so that always helps…

Chrome Hoof
A sprawling collective of theatrical, mutant performers who take elements of jazz, funk, electro and hardcore and throw it all into an indescrible mixing pot of sonic chaos.

Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Electro-rock at its most vivacious and youthful, Kitsune’s most oultandlish performers (and dressers) have been setting ears on fire for a couple of years now and are guaranteed to pull in the crowds.

The Shoes
Uber cool French duo The Shoes are relative newcomers to the world of music-making, but have already got tongues wagging with their melodic electro. Check out their super minimix on their myspace HERE

Band Of Skulls
Southampton’s Band of Skulls make scuzzy, blues-infused rock with just the right balance of sun-kissed stomp and melancholic brilliance. The Clash favourites may have fallen off the radar for a while but they are back, and they’re stronger than ever…

Boxer Rebellion
Trans-Atlantic indie boys and proteges of Alan McGee, The Boxer Rebellion have been in the business of music making since 2001, so they are old hands at the whole thing. But if you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to them before, check them out HERE

Do not be fooled by their choice of moniker. Those expecting a snotty nosed, ramshackle punk outfit will be (un)pleasantly surprised. Jangly, echoing post-punk is way more their thing..

The Violet May
After their storming success at the May Energy Session, the Sheffield band have been invited back to play again. Breathing life into a stale old scene, The Violet May make full-throttle, dirty rock and roll a la BRMC, with a stadium-sized stage presence and electrifying live performances to boot.

The Damned Things
Heavyweight, heavy metal titans The Damned Things are a punk supergroup with a punk soul. Playing their first London show in June, we can’t wait to see them blast out their tracks in the true spirit of Relentless.

Get your tickets HERE

Hugely respected Detroit producer Aaron-Carl Ragland has died after a battle with cancer.

Almost impossible to classify, Aaron-Carl Ragland spent the best part of two decades playing hide and seek with dance fans. The Detroit producer’s output spans all genres of house, moving between labels and monikers.

At times working with Underground Resistance, Aaron-Carl Ragland released several cuts on the sub label Soul City. Later launching his own imprint Wallshaker Music, Aaron-Carl built a reputation for delivering music that was both thoughtful and had a serious punch.

However earlier this year the Detroit producer revealed that he was suffering from cancer. Entering hospital, Aaron-Carl Ragland took the unusual step of keeping fans informed via social networking.

His frequent updates contained a gentle humour which belied the seriousness of his illness. Writing a lengthy message on MySpace, Aaron-Carl Ragland took time to explain the treatment he was undergoing and how it would effect him.

Sadly, it seems that Aaron-Carl Ragland succumbed to cancer earlier today (September 30th). The DJ was about to enter hospital once more, with his final Twitter entry stating: “Finished the bone marrow biopsy. Ouch! Now I’m preparing for the lymph node removal. Surgery, here I come!”

News of the producer’s death was confirmed by friends, including like-minded producer Piarahna Head. Writing on his own Facebook page the DJ paid tribute to the much loved Detroit house don.

“Just lost one of his best friends, Aaron-Carl, and my arms are far too short to box with GOD. One of the best Human beings in the WORLD is gone. I have no words. Music is Silence.”

Fans are already paying their respects to Aaron-Carl Ragland on his Facebook page. Click HERE to leave a message.

DJ and author Bill Brewster has spoken to ClashMusic about his love and dedication for Grimsby Town.

When it comes to football, those in the music industry are stuck for choice. Somehow, it becomes acceptable for people born in Scunthorpe to become dyed in the wool Chelsea supporters – despite never having seen a game.

Bill Brewster is a hugely respected DJ and author, and has no doubt received plenty of offers to attend VIP boxes at Premiership grounds. Yet the turntable wizard has rejected these, in favour of his native Grimsby Town.

“If you grow up in place like Grimsby it’s not like there’s a second, better team down the road – it’s all pretty remote. It’s geographically isolated so it’s not as if you have a choice” he explains.

Despite being based in London for some time Bill Brewster sticks to his guns. A devoted fan, he seems to prefer the hard worn passion of Grimsby Town to the fairweather glitz of bigger sides such as Arsenal.

“I’ve lived away from Grimsby almost the whole of my adult life. I moved down to London in 1977 and the club is the one link to Grimsby that I have so I take a perverse pride in supporting Grimsby when I’m surrounded by Arsenal and Chelsea fans.”

“There’s a certain amount of pride and loyalty in that. I know that I support my team because I have a link to it, my family are from there and not because they were doing quite well in the Premier League at the time. I have nothing but contempt for people who support teams just because they’re successful rather having some sort of link to that team.”

Click HERE to read the full interview.

Bill Brewster was speaking to ClashMusic ahead of his appearances at the Four Roses Speakeasy. The latest instalment will see the Grimsby Town fan curate the entire event, inviting DJ duo Mock & Toof along for the ride.

The line up is completed by Darkstarr’s DJ Cosmo who will be doing her thing at the decks. Taking place at London’s CAMP venue tonight (September 30th) you can stand a chance of winning tickets HERE.

DJ, author and clubland authority Bill Brewster could be forgiven for supporting one of the glamour teams.

When it comes to football, most clubs would love to be associated with a genuinely influential dance music figure. Yet being a passionate, down to earth kinda guy Brewster could only find room in his heart for one team.

Now languishing outside of the football league, Bill Brewster reveals his Private Passion for Grimsby Town FC.

– – –

If you grow up in place like Grimsby it’s not like there’s a second, better team down the road – it’s all pretty remote. It’s geographically isolated so it’s not as if you have a choice.

The first game that I can remember going to is in the 1965 / 66 season, and we played West Ham United in the League Cup. It was the year that England won the World Cup and they had Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters in the team. I remember being taken to that game and we drew nil nil with them. I think we were on the way out of the way of the old Second Division so it was a really good result for us. We lost in the replay. But I do remember going to that game, and my dad started taking me fairly regularly after then. He used to have a friend who worked on the turnstiles at one of the stands, and he used to lift me over the stand so we didn’t have to pay. I didn’t go in, I would be perched on the stand. This was a proper old school wooden stand.

When we got promoted from the Third Division in 1980 they tore that stand down and built a new modern stand. The new stand is obviously a lot better but the old stand held a lot of affection for me, it just kind of reminded me of the Grimsby I grew up with. A lot of dockers and fishermen would go to that stand and there was a lot of salty language being used. Whenever I smell tobacco – even now – it really reminds me of that stand and growing up, being seven years old and watching Grimsby play.

I’ve lived away from Grimsby almost the whole of my adult life. I moved down to London in 1977 and the club is the one link to Grimsby that I have so I take a perverse pride in supporting Grimsby when I’m surrounded by Arsenal and Chelsea fans. There’s a certain amount of pride and loyalty in that. I know that I support my team because I have a link to it, my family are from there and not because they were doing quite well in the Premier League at the time. I have nothing but contempt for people who support teams just because they’re successful rather having some sort of link to that team.

You just really remember big games, especially when you’re playing bigger teams because it’s your moment to show Arsenal or Tottenham that you can play a bit of football. That you’re not completely shit! You treasure those moments because they are often few and far between. We knocked Tottenham out of the League Cup a few years ago and that was the last major victory we had. In fact it’s been the opposite, we’ve been getting beaten by really terrible teams. We got knocked out of the Cup last season by Bath City at home. It’s been quite bad the last few seasons. To be the point where I’ve almost had to stop going so much because it’s been getting depressing.

The thing about supporting football is that it’s weird – we’ve had eight successive seasons when we’ve been pretty crap but all of a sudden you sign two players and convince yourself that the club are full of world beaters. I sort of hope and half think that every season and probably against better judgement that’s what I’m thinking at the moment. This is our first season in the Blue Square Premier, we’ve got four points so far but we haven’t conceded a goal yet so I’m quite hopeful that this will better than the previous eight years!

What helped you identify with footballers when I was a kid is that they looked like you went on the same bus as you. But if you look at the Premier League they don’t look like they’ve ever been on a bus in their life. They’re so removed from the people who go and watch football, I think it’s sad. I think the way England performed in the World Cup and all these things are emblematic of the fact that footballers don’t give a shit. It pisses me off massively! I’ve stopped actually watching football on TV because it’s just so disconnected from the reality of the football I like.

I suppose the most unique thing is the fact that our ground is not even in Grimsby. This used to be a big quiz question when I was a kid – the ground is actually in Cleethorpes, not Grimsby. I don’t think there’s anything particularly unique about Grimsby – no more so than if you support Rochdale, Darlinton or Aldershot. What I like about people who support those teams is that their head hasn’t been swayed by the fact that Chelsea or Manchester United are nearby. I have massive respect for Stockport County fans as they could quite easily support Manchester Cit or United. Or Tranmere fans, I mean they could easily watch Liverpool and no one could say “oi you’re not from round here” because they sort of art! I just have a lot of respect for people who have grown up supporting their local team. Musicians I hang around with are generally people who support shit teams!

I’ve got a little boy who’s two and a half, and my wife keeps telling me that I can’t possibly take him to support Grimsby, he’ll get bullied at school. I don’t give a shit. I followed them, my dad followed them and my granddad followed them so the fact we don’t live there anymore is irrelevant. I’m definitely going to take him to the games, mainly because we need all the supporters we can get so I’m not going to miss out on the opportunity to recruit a new fan. He’s definitely going to get dragged down there, even if he hates it.

Brian Eno is streaming new track ‘2 Forms Of Anger’ taken from his forthcoming album.

A fearless innovator, Brian Eno has a rare ability to match the cerebral with the emotional. Always keen to experiment, his groundbreaking recordings have an appeal that extends beyond his sonic lab.

Reclusive, Brian Eno recently broke ground to host a festival in Brighton. Sparking an idea for a new project, the producer collected a group of collaborators and began drafting blueprints for an album.

Signing to Warp, new album ‘Small Craft On A Milk Sea’ is due for release later this year. Brian Eno has kept details under wraps, but recently sent a statement to fans outlining some of the ideas on the new album.

“The work in this collection is a result of an occasional collaboration between myself, Leo Abrahams and Jon Hopkins” he said. “The two of them are gifted young player/composers whose work, like mine, is intimately connected to the possibilities and freedoms of electronic music.”

“The improvisations are not attempts to end up with a song, but rather with a landscape, a feeling of a place and perhaps the suggestion of an event. In a sense they deliberately lack ‘personality’: there is no singer, no narrator, no guide as to what you ought to be feeling. If these pieces had been used in films, the film would complete the picture. As they stand, they are the mirror-image of silent movies – sound-only movies.”

Now fans can stream a track from Brian Eno’s new album. The producer has made ‘2 Forms Of Anger’ available for fans to listen to, giving an indication of what to expect on ‘Small Craft On A Milk Sea’.

Listen to it HERE.

Brian Eno has also posted some photos from the sessions HERE.

Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis has claimed that he has no intentions of retiring.

Glastonbury is now forty years old and, remarkably, it is still run by the same energetic individual. Michael Eavis founded the festival in 1970, and with the help of his daughter Emily is still running the event.

Returning for a lavish instalment, Glastonbury may have lost the outlaw allure of old but remains one of Europe’s top festivals. Currently preparing the line up for 2011, Michael Eavis has revealed that he has not intentions of taking retirement.

Speaking to the BBC, Michael Eavis explained that he is already working on next year’s event. “Maybe I’ve got another 10 years possibly left in me,” he said. “I’ve got no signs of giving up at the moment but I certainly need all the help I can get. Emily will be in a good place to take the show on eventually.”

Glastonbury traditionally takes a break every four years to allow the site time to recover from the thousands of fans who pass by. However the festival recently stretched this to five years, and will take time off in 2012.

Clashing with the London Olympics, Michael Eavis explained: “We can’t get police because all the police are in London. The Olympics fits in with our cycle quite nicely.”

U2 were due to headline Glastonbury this year, but pulled out due to Bono suffering a back injury. Rumour has it the band will make an appearance next summer, but Michael Eavis decided to play coy.

“We don’t know yet. We’re obviously planning all sorts of things” he explained. “The three headliners are incredibly impressive – I deliberately want to announce them after the tickets have been sold”.

“The headliners next year are absolutely fantastic – I can guarantee that. It’ll be on a par with this year, and possibly slightly better even.”

Tickets for Glastonbury 2011 go on sale from 9am this Sunday (October 3rd).

John Cale has spoken about his decision to re-visit his classic solo album ‘Paris 1919’.

Forever overshadowed by his work with The Velvet Underground, the New York group represent a mere diversion for John Cale. Check out his autobiography – the band get about 20 pages.

In a career that includes work with Patti Smith, Happy Mondays and Nick Drake the Welsh musician has moved from project to project, rarely looking at the past.

However at a recent concert John Cale re-visited his classic album ‘Paris 1919’. Released in 1973, the meditative song cycle saw the avant garde musician paired with deep fried boogie merchants Little Feat.

A potentially disastrous relationship turned into an inspired choice, with ‘Paris 1919’ benefiting from the band’s sensitive playing. For a one off concert in Los Angeles John Cale decided to re-visit the album, inviting a host of guests along for the ride.

Speaking to the LA Times, John Cale reflected on using Little Feat on the acclaimed album. “I didn’t know how it was going to work,” he said. “I didn’t know how flexible they were musically, but they let it rip.”

Lyrically, the album is deeply meditative reflecting John Cale’s literary heroes. However the album was apparently inspired by the atmosphere of nuclear dread which pervaded the early 70s.

“All the songs are about this Welsh guy lost in the desert of L.A., feeling nostalgic about all the things he loved about Europe,” he said.

The title itself is a reference to the Treaty of Versailles. “It was during the height of the Cold War, and I started thinking, ‘How did we end up here?’ In the ’70s, everywhere felt like a target — everyone was running to Argentina, because that was a nuclear-free zone. And that was all because of the Treaty of Versailles.”

Manchester venue The Warehouse Project has confirmed details of a New Year’s party starring Derrick Carter.

Based under a railway bridge, The Warehouse Project somehow manages to make good on its evocative location. The club has hosted a series of anniversary events this year, starring everyone from M.I.A. to Magnetic Man.

With the festive season fast approaching, the organisers of The Warehouse Project have begun to make plans for their New Year parties.

Hosted on January 1st, the club aims to wake Manchester up after a hectic New Year’s Eve. The Warehouse Project will play host to some big name DJs, including Chicago house star Derrick Carter.

Part of the second generation of house producers, Derrick Carter is a hugely in demand DJ. A respected producer in his own right, the American turntablist joins a varied line up for the January 1st celebrations.

Elsewhere, bass producer Dubfire is set to shake the foundations of the Manchester venue. A deep house innovator, the DJ has helped to push house music away from its image of cheesy nightclubs and whistles.

Producing a series of vital cuts, Dubfire will be joined by Berlin’s own Cassy. Elsewhere, the crew of big name guests will be joined by residents such as Jamie Jones, who has entertained Warehouse Project crowds for a year now.

Crosstown Rebels boss Damian Lazarus is also set to take part, with Stateside DJ and producer duo Soul Clap planning to drop by. Today’s announcement also confirmed appearances from Heidi, Krysko, Greg Lord, with more guests yet to be announced.

The closing night of the latest Warehouse Project season, the new event aims to go out with a bang.

Warehouse Project presents the WHP10 closing party on January 1st.

Badly Drawn Boy has released a new free download EP called ‘It’s What They’re All Thinking’.

Badly Drawn Boy has been quiet of late, choosing to take time away from music. However with his new album on the horizon the Manchester based songwriter has decided to launch himself into a number of new projects.

Recorded earlier this year, ‘It’s What I’m, Thinking Part One – Photographing Snowflakes’ is a reverb draped return from the singer. Badly Drawn Boy has taken inspiration from classic 60s pop, with his songwriter soaked in humour.

A typically charming return, the album is set to be released on October 4th. The same day fans can pick up the new single ‘Too Many Miracles’ which is taken from Badly Drawn Boy’s latest album.

Available on a variety of formats, ‘It’s What I’m, Thinking Part One – Photographing Snowflakes’ will be expanded for a double disc edition. Twisted Nerve boss Andy Votel has supplied a bonus mix, drawing on elements of the new album.

The producer has taken the album, pulled it apart and put it back together again as something radically new. A completely distinct piece of music, the mix is one continuous track.

Meanwhile, Badly Drawn Boy has also invited local songwriters to tackle his material. ‘It’s What They’re Thinking’ is a new version of the forthcoming album, featuring cover versions from unknown talent.

Not content with that, the singer has also compiled a new EP to preview the album. ‘It’s What They’re All Thinking’ is a selection of tracks from the album, and is available to people who sign up to Badly Drawn Boy’s mailing list.

Alongside album previews fans can enjoy demo versions and bonus tracks, which will not be released as part of the complete album.

Click HERE to sign up. Tracklisting:

1. In Safe Hands (demo)
2. It’s What He’s Thinking (Oxidising Hexagons Silver Iodide – Album Re-Dux / Sound Collage by Andy Votel) (short excerpt)
3. The Order Of Things (with Tim And Sam’s Tim And The Sam Band With Tim And Sam)
4. A Pure Accident (with Sirconical)

American noise pop duo Sleigh Bells are set to return to the UK with a new single and a number of tour dates.

Formed from the ashes of two hardcore group, Sleigh Bells are an attempt to do something different. A noise pop group, the band take sweet melodies and attempt to drown them in fuzzed up guitars.

Emerging from Brooklyn, the band enjoyed a sudden rise. Performing at the CMJ Music Marathon in 2009, Sleigh Bells stormed the event producing an enormous amount of media hype.

The band were quickly signed by N.E.E.T. Recordings and began working on their debut album. ‘Treats’ was released earlier this year, a feral mixture of all out guitar noise and blissful vocals.

Gaining the band a cult fan base here in the UK, Sleigh Bells seemed to spend the summer avoiding Britain. Touring across North America, the duo have now decided to cross the Atlantic for a series of dates.

Sleigh Bells are set to return with their new single ‘Infinity Guitars’ on November 8th, the latest track to be taken from ‘Treats’. The single is set to be released through Columbia / Mom + Pop and will coincide with a series of dates.

The video for ‘Infinity Guitars’ has just premiered – watch it HERE.

Opening on November 10th, Sleigh Bells are set to support M.I.A. as well as playing their own headline shows. Set to drop by Mine Festival in Leeds, the band will play London’s newly opened XOYO venue on November 21st.

Finishing in Nottingham on November 23rd, Sleigh Bells will aim to finish the tour with a bang. Tickets are on sale now.

Sleigh Bells will play the following dates:

10 London Brixton Academy
12 Liverpool Kazimier
13 Manchester The Warehouse Project
14 Leeds Mine Festival
20 Brighton Audio
21 London XOYO
22 Bristol Thekla
23 Nottingham Bodega

Click here to buy tickets for Sleigh Bells!