A photo gallery of funk legend George Clinton with Parliament/Funkadelic playing live on the West Holts stage on Saturday 26th June 2010 at the 40th Glastonbury Festival.

Photos by Al de Perez

A photo gallery of The Dead Weather, featuring The White Stripes’ Jack White and The Kills’ Alison Mosshart, playing live on the Pyramid stage on Saturday 26th June at the Glastonbury festival 2010.

Photos by Al de Perez

Canadian indie rock collective Broken Social Scene are working on the soundtrack to ‘Scott Pilgrim vs The World’.

Returning with their new album earlier this year, Broken Social Scene are obviously keen to get busy. Touring across Europe thoughout this summer the band are working on new tracks for three different film soundtracks.

The band are due to donate material to forthcoming comedy ‘Scott Pilgrim vs The World’ which is due for release on August 1st. Broken Social Scene will star on the soundtrack alongside Beck, with both groups writing new songs for the film.

For the forthcoming comedy epic, Broken Social Scene have transformed themselves into a thrash-punk act. Speaking to Pitchfork, songwriter Brendan Canning described about a hidden Napalm Death influence.

“They’re really short punk rock jams. One tune is four seconds long – it’s in Napalm Death territory. After that one, someone in the movie yells, “Hey, it’s not a race!” The longest tune we recorded for it was 42 seconds.”

“Another one is a little more in D.R.I. territory. We’re all fans of that type of thrashy music– Charles (Spearin) and Ohad (Benchetrit) played in a metal band growing up. I definitely bought Suicidal Tendencies’ first record when it came out.”

Broken Social Scene teamed up with producer Nigel Godrich for the score, recording material in London. “We haven’t seen the final cut yet, but we did about 10 pieces. We spent five days recording in London coming up with ambient, Feel Good Lost-type stuff.”

“It was thrilling working with Nigel since we’re all such big fans of his work with Radiohead and Beck, and even a little Natalie Imbruglia, too. He stayed on the bus with us during our last UK tour for a couple days. We’re definitely pals.”

‘Scott Pilgrim vs The World’ is out this summer.

A new preview has emerged of the much debated collaboration between Dirty Projectors and Bjork.

As collaborations go, this one is simply mouth watering. Brooklyn indie rock giants Dirty Projectors are known for their free thinking, and the American band have recorded a series of tracks with Bjork.

The Icelandic singer first met the band last year, with the pair apparently finding plenty of common ground. Agreeing to play a show together, Dirty Projectors and Bjork began crafting new material.

Written by David Longstreth, the material is set to be collected on the forthcoming EP ‘Mount Wittenberg Orca’. The songs were apparently inspired by a conversation about Italian opera in the 1500s – possibly a first for rock ‘n’ roll.

The pair originally premiered the tracks as a bookshop in Brooklyn, before deciding to record them. As a result, the material should be considered in its original environment – performed acoustically, in a tiny theatre.

Due for release on June 30th, the recording itself was informed by the simple, direct feel of early rock ‘n’ roll. Dirty Projectors and Bjork rehearsed for three days at the Rare Book Room in Brooklyn, and then recorded the songs as quickly and as live as possible, overdubbing only lead vocals and solos.

The result is a beguiling EP which merges the two acts without losing sight of their individuality. All proceeds from the release will be donated to the National Geographic Society’s Ocean Initiative.

For more information click HERE.

Dirty Projectors and Bjork have unveiled a new track from the EP. Listen to ‘All We Are’ below:

Dirty Projectors + Björk- All We Are by DominoRecordCo

Peggy Sue have come a long way.

Initially Peggy Sue And The Pirates the band soon dropped the reference to maritime bandits in favour of something more streamlined. Unusually in this day of instant success the band did things the hard way, touring continually before gaining a deal.

Which means we can watch them evolve. Earlier this year Peggy Sue issued a ten track download, showcasing early demos, limited edition singles and more, charting the progression of their songwriting.

Full length, actual, proper debut album ‘Fossils And Other Phantoms’ followed in April. A dazzling slice of indie it had a carefree, clattering side that made it difficult to ignore.

With the band due to play a series of festivals this summer, ClashMusic were offered an exclusive interview with Peggy Sue.

How could we refuse…?

Interview at The Old Queens Head from Peggy Sue on Vimeo.

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Interviewed in the new issue of Clash Magazine, we also found time to quiz Dr John about his New Orleans and share some of the essential places to visit in the big easy.

Where is the best place to hear live music in New Orleans?

If you’re looking to pay to see somebody you like, one of the things that’s cool about New Orleans is you have so many different options to hear different kinds of music. If you just go in one area you miss stuff that’s going on. There might be something happening in Treme that you like, or there might be something happening in Faubourg Marigny – there’s just different areas with different musics going on on different nights. Some bands has something locked in on a certain time, but I think you’ll always find something that will be of interest to you.

Do you have a favourite place to play?

I don’t have any favourites of anything. I just look at life like…I’ve played all over. I like to play. I love when a place has a decent sound system – if they have certain things it makes it a lot easier to work for the people.

Where’s the best place of historical musical interest?

There’s the Palm Court,and in the French Quarter there’s also the Preservation Hall, but there’s brass bands playing all over town. There’s different stuff and different things that are all real interesting.

What would be the best thing to order on the menu?

Well, we’re going to have some problems with that, I’ve got a feeling, with this catastrophe, because a lot of the things that we regularly eat is being shifted by the second, depending on where this oil is going. Forty percent of America’s seafood comes from here. The oysters guys are already pretty much out of business right now. The shrimp are down by a humungous amount. So all we can do is just keep… Last night I was at this thing and everybody was praying. [Indecipherable]

So there is a feeling of hope there?

Well, if we don’t have hope, we might as well just lay down and die en masse or something. But that’s not the spirit of the people here.

What’s the best thing to order at the bar?

I don’t know, because I don’t drink anything. I don’t drink and I don’t drug for twenty years, but I never really drank, so I’m not an aficionado of alcoholic beverages.

What’s the number one essential thing to do while there?

When you’re here there’s just so many things you could do. You can eat tonnes of different kinds of food, and it’s all special, it’s not like anywhere else. It’s different here, you know?

Marina And The Diamonds have been inescapable this year.

Hailing from Wales, Marina Diamandis always felt like she was destined for great things. Complete untaught, her dramatic voice is the missing link between the pure pop of Lady Gaga and the free spirit of Kate Bush.

Releasing her debut album earlier this year Marina & The Diamonds, have been working on a series of eye catching promos. Recent single ‘I Am Not A Robot’ was backed by a typically adventurous video, with Marina in a lavish pose.

Now the group are preparing to hit the festival season ahead of their new single ‘Oh No!’. Due for release on July 26th the single will come with a striking new video courtesy of Kinga Burza, who last worked with Marina on her ‘Hollywood’ video.

Showcasing her unique style, a new behind the scenes video shows what it is like to be onset with Marina And The Diamonds.

Watch it now…

Bristol trip hop dons Portishead have signed a new record deal and are working on fresh material.

Portishead were one of the most influential British groups of the 90s, but spent the bulk of the next decade doing very little. The Noughties passed by, but the Bristol group had only one album to show for their troubles.

It’s just as well the album was ‘Third’ then. A spectacular return, it radically updated the Portishead template without losing sight of the band’s trademark sound.

A stunning release, it marked the return of a truly unique band. Now Portishead have signed a new record deal with leader Geoff Barrow claiming that the trip hop giants have begun work on fresh material.

Speaking to BBC 6Music the producer claimed that Portishead have signed a major new deal. “It’s with a major. It’s with the biggest record company in the world. It’s with people we trust which with a band is the most important thing.”

Continuing, Barrow claimed that Portishead simply do not fit in with the Britihs music industry any more. “We did the third record, it did incredibly well. We got very little support from the UK as we don’t represent a certain demographic of people. But we did Coachella and that was amazing.”

“We just signed another deal so we start working on new music shortly. We’ve had an enormous amount of success with the third record, even if people think that we haven’t been around for a long time. “

The Portishead producer then confirmed that work will begin on a new album over the summer. “I’m writing for Portishead through July and August and I just want to bang on and get another record done.”

“For us, our fans want to hear a Portishead album as a collection of work. Formats have changed constantly throughout the years, so if the album is still a relevant format I don’t know. But if somebody writes a body of work like eight to ten songs which really means something then that’s what I want to listen to.”

There is no timescale on a new Portishead album. Released in 2008, ‘Third’ came ten years after their last album.

Essex post-punk outfit Baddies have released a new EP containing a re-working of a fan favourite in German.

Baddies seem built to tour – anywhere, anytime. Last year the band released their debut album and took off around the world, playing an enormous number of shows in a breathtakingly short time.

Building up a dedicated fan base through sheer hard graft, the group seem to have become big on the continent. Last year alone the band played a total of 35 European festivals, more than any other group out there.

Selling out massive venues in Germany, Baddies have decided to reward their Teutonic fanbase with a surprising new track. New download EP ‘We Beat Our Chests’ contains a much loved track from last year’s debut album ‘Do The Job’ accompanied by some new material.

Baddies have re-recorded the track in German, with the new version titled ‘Wir Schlagen Unsere Brust’. To listen to it right now just click HERE!

Alongside this the band are due to release a bizarre new remix courtesy of Tabletop Joe, with a handwritten lyric sheet finishing off the download package.

To top it all off, Baddies have recorded a lively new video for the track. Documenting their adventures at home and abroad, ClashMusic has gained an exclusive first glimpse of the new video – click HERE to watch it!

The download EP is available right now from the band’s MySpace site. Click HERE for more information!

Watch out for more tour information shortly!