One time Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher has allegedly continued his verbal war with brother Liam, labelling the singer “a moron”.

Noel Gallagher’s split from Oasis has shredded one of British music’s best loved partnerships. Although they have always fought the relationship between Noel and Liam Gallagher seemed to propel them to greater heights.

However recent friction has come to a head following a series of rows between the Manchester musicians. Oasis were forced to pull out of V Festival amid suggestions in the tabloids that the group were set to split.

The band categorically denied this, with Oasis travelling to France for a festival appearance. However the group’s set at Rock En Seine was not to be, with the Gallagher brothers having an almighty fall out before going onstage.

Cancelled literally one minute before stage time, fans were rocked by a new statement which revealed that Noel Gallagher had left the group. Since then, the guitarist has made accusations of “verbal and physical intimidation” against his brother.

Now a British tabloid is reporting a new blast from Noel Gallagher. According to The Sun the guitarist is said to have told a pal “they say never work with children an animals. No one mentioned fucking morons though, did they?”

The songwriter then attacked his brother’s fashion line Pretty Green. “I think all the modelling malarkey has gone to his head. It’s a pleasure to give him time and space to work on his autumn/winter collection.”

One of London’s hottest parties returned this weekend with Get Loaded In The Park packing the crowds into Clapham Common.

Taking over a historic London public park, Get Loaded In The Park brings together some of the finest dance acts around. This year rave duo Orbital performed a stunning headline set, but there was a lot more to do and see.

The likes of Booka Shade, Adam Freeland, Kraft Cuts and more all performed stunning sets with Get loaded In The Park blending live performance with epic DJ sets featuring some of the finest turntablists on the planet.

Watch the action unfold…

Photos by Rachel Lipsitz

Southern indie royalty Kings Of Leon have closed this year’s Leeds festival with a stunning set, but have warned fans they will be away for some time.

Kings Of Leon released their fourth album ‘Only By The Night’ last year, little anticipating the reaction they would receive. Hailed by critics, it became one of the year’s most successful albums spawning a number of epic singles.

Perhaps American indie rock’s most quintessential festival group Kings Of Leon have already performed at T In The Park this summer, and their appearance at Leeds followed on from a show at sister site Reading two nights earlier.

Taking to the stage to huge applause from the Main Stage crowd, Kings Of Leon kicked things off with ‘Closer’ before moving into ‘Crawl’. Tracks from ‘Only By The Night’ caused a massive singalong, with ‘Be Somebody’ being echoed by the enormous crowd.

Obviously moved by the response, singer Caleb Followill said “we’re only five songs in and you’ve blown Reading to hell. This is for all you people who didn’t come for two songs”.

Delving into their back catalogue, Kings Of Leon played a slow, bluesy version of ‘Molly’s Chambers’ from their debut album ‘Youth And Young Manhood’. However the band then stunned fans by revealing that this would be their final British show for some time.

“This is the last show we have booked in England for a long, long time, so I’m gonna get my buzz on” said Caleb Followill. “We’re gonna miss you guys – we’ll see you next year.”

“When we come back, it’s gonna be bigger and even more beautiful,” he added later.

Kings Of Leon played:

‘Be Somebody’
‘My Party’
‘Molly’s Chambers’
‘Red Morning Light’
‘Four Kicks’
‘Sex On Fire’
‘The Bucket’
‘On Call’
‘Slow Night So Long’
‘Cold Desert’
‘Knocked Up’
‘Use Somebody’
‘Black Thumbnail’

Oxford giants Radiohead stunned fans at last night’s Reading festival by playing a new, never before heard song.

Radiohead had previously headlined Leeds, playing a sensational set that drew on the full force of the band’s back catalogue. Travelling to the Reading site, the group’s arrival caused an enormous cheer from the crowd.

Festival appearances from Radiohead are few and far between, with the group’s appearances at Glastonbury etched into myth. Anticipating another epic performance fans crowded in front of the main stage, and were rewarded with a surprising set.

Opening with their previously dis-owned single ‘Creep’ Radiohead ploughed through their back catalogue. However the band made room for their recent Grammy award winning album ‘In Rainbows’ as well as playing new material.

Radiohead played their salute to Britain’s last First World War veteran ‘Harry Patch’ before performing their upcoming download single ‘These Are My Twisted Words’. However the band then stunned fans after introducing a new, unheard track.

Sounding similar in style to ‘In Rainbows’ the new track is taken from the band’s ongoing recording sessions.

Of course, ClashMusic was on site and you can expect a full report and a photo gallery as the day progresses!

This was truly Josh Homme’s day: from the band wot he used to play drums in (Eagles of Death Metal) and the band featuring the bird wot he’s married to (Brody Dalle’s Spinerette), the uber-group wot he’s formed with Dave Grohl (These Crooked Vultures) to the band who’s latest record he produced (headliners, Arctic Monkeys). There was certainly no doubt that Josh Homme and his crew was taking over 2009’s Reading Festival. But that’s not to say that the other bands didn’t put up a damn good fight.

The Bronx topped and tailed day 2 with their alter ego group – Bronx El Mariachi…the mexico-latino mariachi band by day, hard n heavy rockers known simply as The Bronx, by night. Think 3 Amigos soundtrack after one too many tequilas – this is it. They even have the outfits to back it up.

Yes, I’ve been to the year 3000, not much has changed but they live underwater. Fair play…Charlie Busted has done a pretty good job of making most of us forget that he used to be in a rubbish boy band that were copied by McFly in a similar sort of bad photocopy way that Westlife copied Boyzone. Having said that, clearly not all of us have forgotten. Not me, anyway. And I’m not that much more enamoured with Fightstar than I was with Busted. Still, I applaud him for making the effort. Check out the mosh circles that form swirling dust clouds in front of the main stage. Ooh.

Dave Grohl sits to the side of the stage watching Eagles of Death Metal. And though the audience are clapping along and singing the words with wrapt attention, the minute the cameras whip round to reveal Mr Grohl with his daughter watching from the wings, the crowd goes nuts. Who doesn’t love Dave Grohl?

Former Hot Water Music frontman Chuck Ragan is over in the NME tent playing punk acoustic folk with a guitar and fiddle. It’s ok in a fiddly folk acoustic sort of way, but Spinnerette seemed like a better choice. It wasn’t. Dull, dull, dull. Oh Brody.

Thankfully Marina and the Diamonds put a bit of sha-zamm into the early afternoon with a bit of keys and funky dance moves. It’s not the most impressive Marina set I’ve seen, but when she looks that hot, who gives a shit.

Hushed whispers and eventual firm confirmations from the back stage area of Reading sprouted excitement that spread like a raging inferno throughout the rest of the camp site that yes, These Crooked Vultures would be playing a secret set sandwiched between Patrick Wolf and some other band that I, and surely no-one else will ever remember.

What could be more perfect? The sun was cooking, the time was approaching. As predicted, hordes of people turned up in the hope of seeing the much-hyped super-group. Even Clash wasn’t sure whether it would really happen.

There was talk of photographers not being allowed to take pics of the band performing, and the tent was so packed that it was hard to see the stage. The festival cameras focussed on the crowd, even when cheers from the front indicated that the band were there. Cruelly, the cameras remained firmly rooted to the faces of the first few rows of screaming fans leaving us unsure as to what was going on.

Then a teasing shot of John Paul Jones (formerly of Led Zep) – the crowd cheer. Josh Homme: roar! Then finally we see a raging ball of hair and drum sticks. It’s Dave Grohl. Like the sound of Wembley Stadium bellowing in unison, the captive audience erupt!

Could there be a cooler group? These are true rock n roll heavyweights, bearing the shields of Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Led Zepellin, QOTSA and Eagles of Death Metal. And Grohl is at the centre of it all. As legendary Nirvana drummer turned lead singer of the Foos, he went on to propel QOTSA’s success with his percussive appearance on Songs for the Deaf. Then, Josh Homme followed suit and played drums for Eagles of Death Metal. Now we’ve come full circle with Grohl back on skins along with Homme on lead vocals and guitar, Jon Paul Jones on bass and keys, and Queens’ guitarist Alain Johannes on lead guitar. This music is hard, bass heavy stuff, blistering with stoner, desert-rock cool.

After that, Hockey made the most of the sunshine with their summer indie-pop. Song Away and Too Fake were both singalong classics that had the crowd reaching for the band with outstretched arms.

An interview with Beth Ditto fell by the wayside, but there was still time to catch the rest of the Maccabees’ set. It’s been 2 years since they last played Reading, and here they are, playing to even bigger crowds with even stronger, newer material. Toothpaste Kisses remains one of the best ever set-closers.

The Bronx are a lesson in how to really fucking rock the house. Matt Caughthran is one of the most energetic front men you are ever likely to see. Refusing to let the crowd down, he gives as much as he expects from his fans. That’s everything, if you’re wondering.

Backstage during the Prodigy, Clash caught up with The Maccabees’ Mr Orlando Weeks, fresh off the stage after their magnificent set. Buzzing their approaching Malawi charity gig and their soon-to-be-biggest ever gig at Brixton Academy, he mentioned the possibility of a mash-up with Roots Manuva for their next single. Watch this space. As for the bands he was gonna see? Arctic Monkeys. So that’s where we went.

Arctic Monkeys were SHIT. Lacking in any charm, they were off their heads on something or other. And not in a cool way either. It was boring as hell. Didn’t help that the wind was blowing the sound all over the place. It was an unfortunate end to a practically flawless day. As the cloudless sky ensured a freezing night for all, we drank to the sound of Ultimate Power’s relentless power ballads as I argued into the night with other journalists about which Radiohead album was the greatest of all.

Dave Depares

Did you hear? Noel has left Oasis. I’ve read about it. Happened yesterday – or the day before, I forget.

Few would have expected Noel Gallagher to leave the band he helped steer to global fame, yet is seems that his departure has been met with some degree of nonchalance. With the group’s past history of in-fighting and splits it seems that the ever loyal fans of Oasis are duping themselves into believing that they’ll wake up tomorrow and everything will be as right as rain. Well dig this: NOEL GALLAGHER HAS LEFT OASIS.

In many ways, we should have seen it coming. Liam Gallagher has always been a firebrand, capable of defending with his fists the rights of the band he founded. After inviting his brother to join the group Oasis began to pick up steam, achieving a record deal after a legendary slot in Glasgow. Yet this didn’t help placate the chemistry between Noel and his younger brother Liam.

An early interview with the NME resulted in a string of foul mouthed observations, with the pair almost coming to blows. Released via Fierce Panda as ‘Wibling Rivalry’ it’s well worth seeking out, if only to shed some light on the recent puzzling events. With a chart-shattering debut album under his belt Noel Gallagher reached breaking point while on tour in America during 1995. Retreating from the group it seemed that Oasis were finished, yet after talking things over he realised that the group revolved around the dynamic between the two brothers. Remove one, and all is lost.

That moment of introspection resulted in some of Gallagher Snr’s finest work, and some of Gallagher Jnr’s best vocals. ‘Talk Tonight’ and ‘Acquiesce’ regularly feature in fan’s lists of their favourite Oasis tracks, despite being hidden away as flipsides. However the next rift between the two would not end in such glorious tunesmithery.

After the catastrophe that was ‘Be Here Now’ Oasis lost Paul McGuigan and Paul Arthurs in quick succession. Removing twin stalwarts left the Gallaghers to work on the subsequent album ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ by themselves. An under-rated work, Oasis later recruited Gem Archer and Andy Bell, before a European tour saw them scrape back from the wilderness.

Yet despite this, the Gallaghers could not get along. After a postponed show in Barcelona during 2000 Liam Gallagher began drinking, and later caused an argument with his brother that has repercussions to this day. Noel Gallagher revealed to Q Magazine back in 2005 that Liam not only abused him, but he questioned the legitimacy of his children.

“I’ve never forgiven him because he’s never apologised” revealed the guitarist. “He’s my brother. I hope he’s reading this and realises that. He’s my brother but he’s at arm’s length until he apologises for what he’s done”.

Liam Gallagher later backed down, but in an interview earlier this year Noel revealed just how estranged the two are. Speaking once more to Q the songwriter claimed that Liam has never been into his house, and that he wouldn’t let the singer meet his kids.

Yet Oasis seemed to go from strength to strength. Last year’s album ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ sold more copies than any since their Britpop heyday, even breaching the upper echelons of the Billboard chart. But it could be this success that has been their undoing, with heavy touring straining the band.

Announcing an enormous British tour, Oasis have not been able to leave the controversy behind. A report in the Daily Record claimed that Liam Gallagher stayed in a different hotel from the rest of the band, while the singer’s onstage verbal assaults became legendary. At Leicester’s Ricoh Arena the frontman berated the crowd after clapping too long, while the group’s set at The Roundhouse was peppered with foul mouthed ranting from Liam Gallagher.

Later, Noel would shrug off the incident stating that his brother was “on his man period”. Encouraging the wrath of Liam, it was the latest in a series of public spats. Noel Gallagher’s insistence on discussing a possible solo album was met with fury by his sibling, while Liam Gallagher himself used the launch of a fashion label to showcase his emerging songwriting talent. The most recent interview with Liam Gallagher saw the singer snarling from the cover of the NME, stating bluntly that it “takes more than blood to be my brother”.

Ultimately, Oasis belongs to neither one of the Gallaghers. However unlike in 1995 the pair don’t ‘need each other’, as the chorus of ‘Acquiesce’ once so triumphantly put it. Noel Gallagher has played solo shows, and fans have warmly greeted the possibility of an album under his own name. By way of contrast, Liam Gallagher is rapidly blossoming as a songsmith, with his own strict views on what constitutes an Oasis track. Could the differences in style – and in attitude – be what is driving the pair apart? We may never know, but it is hard to imagine Liam Gallagher arguing passionately for a 20 minute Krautrock inspired remix, as Noel recently did.

Cancelling an appearance at V Festival, Oasis told fans that Liam Gallagher had laryngitis. Whether that was true is impossible to say, but a later fight before Rock En Seine in France has left the band crippled. Noel Gallagher has written of his “great relief” at leaving the group, adding an air of finality to proceedings. Whether Oasis can continue or not is up to the remaining members, but with the group being former Clash Magazine cover stars it is heart-wrenching to watch the songwriting team that defined British music for a generation to be so cruelly ripped apart.

ClashMusic is still onsite at Reading festival, and is giving you constant updates from one of the year’s most anticipated events!

Having already caught Kings Of Leon, Friendly Fires, Little Boots and a host of others ClashMusic packed up its kit bag and set off into the field for another bout of musical mayhem. This time round we found time for eccentrics such as Patrick Wolf and The Chapman Family.

Watch the action unfold…

Photos by Elinor Jones

ClashMusic took off to Reading festival at close of play on Friday, with the bus resonating to the sound of anticipation.

Growing in size every year, Reading is one of Europe’s top events. Paired with Leeds, the twin sites manage to grab some of the world’s top acts with organisers also curating a stunning mixture of up and coming groups.

This year the event was headlined by Kings Of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead but there lots of fun to be had elsewhere. ClashMusic took its camera along to capture the flavour of the festival.

Watch the action unfold…

Photos by Elinor Jones

Noel Gallagher has spoken about his split from Oasis with the guitarist claiming he was the victim of “verbal and violent intimidation”.

Oasis have always had a chaotic streak. Noel Gallagher threatened to leave the group in the mid 90s, following an onstage incident in Los Angeles. Even later, relations between Noel and his brother Liam Gallagher barely cooled with the guitarist departing the band following a row in Spain back in 2000.

However this time it seems as though the cracks in their relationship are too great to mend. Oasis were due to play French festival Rock En Seine on Friday night (August 28th) but cancelled minutes before stagetime following a huge row.

Singer Amy MacDonald was due to play the event, and revealed on her Twitter page that the Gallaghers had fallen out with Liam shattering one of Noel’s guitars. In a statement, Noel Gallagher revealed that he had, indeed, walked out of the group he helped bring to global fame.

Now in a follow up statement to fans Noel Gallagher has commented on the split. “The details are not important and of too great a number to list. But I feel you have the right to know the level of verbal and violent intimidation towards me, my family and friends and comrades has become intolerable,” he said.

“The lack of support and understanding from my management and band mates has left me with no other option than to get me cape and seek pastures new.”

Continuing, the guitarist said “I would like to thank all the Oasis fans, all over the world.”

“The last 18 years have been truly, truly amazing… a dream come true. I take with me glorious memories. Now if you excuse me, I have a family and football team to indulge. I’ll see you somewhere down the road.”

Oasis have yet to announce their future plans – if, indeed, there is a future for the group.

ClashMusic loves an underdog.

When push comes to shove, in all the major competitions we support the little guy. Which is how we’ve come to be aware of The Boxer Rebellion. London based indie upstarts the group parted company with their record label and decided to go it alone.

Returning with a new album chock full of ambitious songwriting and lavish soundscapes, The Boxer Rebllion decided to simply release it themselves. With a passionate fan base ready to promote them through sheer enthusiasm, the band became a web based sensation.

Soaring up the iTunes charts The Boxer Rebellion found themselves competing with the likes of Kings Of Leon for the top spot. ClashMusic can now honour the little guy by offering you an exclusive stream of a new track by the group.

Given a major overhaul by FC Kahuna, this version of ‘Semi Automatic’ is set to blow you away.

Listen to it now…