Dance giants Simian Mobile Disco could be set to work on a live album, Jas Shaw has exclusively told ClashMusic.

Simian Mobile Disco began life as a side project following the collapse of indie rock group Simian. However thanks to Jas Shaw and James Ford’s production skills the dance outfit have gone on to enjoy spectacular success.

Through their astonishing tour schedule Simian Mobile Disco have won fans across the world. Speaking to ClashMusic, Jas Shaw reveals that the duo’s global tour began life as a much more modest affair.

“To be honest when we started it we only wanted to do about a dozen gigs. We spent quite a while figuring out how we can do it and as a result it went a lot better than we expected and we enjoyed it a lot better than we expected.”

“So off the back of that we got a few more gigs and at the very end of the first year we got booked in to do three big tours – Klaxons, Chemical Brothers, Underworld – which we sort of couldn’t believe as we were huge fans. It’s kind of crazy. It’s sort of taken on a bit of a life of its own”.

Continuing, Jas Shaw revealed that the near constant touring has had an affect on the way the band think about their music.

“There’s quite a few tracks that we’ve put into the live show which I think are better live. Usually it’s something like an accident will happen one night.. one night we put a synth over it and it had a chord affect on it and that sort of changed the way the track went. We thought “I like that” so we kept on doing it.”

“I guess it’s that slow evolution. Each night you get one or two things that you really like so you just leave enough space that there’s room for other accidents to happen. I’ve got a feeling that with some of them, because there are better live versions, that we’ll end up trying to record something live in order to capture it.”

Simian Mobile Disco are due to release their new album ‘Temporary Pleasure’ on August 17th. Look out for the full interview with Jas Shaw on ClashMusic soon!

In a new interview indie icon Pete Doherty has revealed that The Libertines discussed plans to reform for a new album earlier this year.

The Libertines formed almost a decade ago. Boasting a youthful Johnny Borrell in their early incarnation, the classic four piece went on to capture the hearts of a generation. In search of the Arcadian dream, the band’s mixture of Romantic fantasy and great songs made them instant heroes.

Sadly it all ended in tears. Singer Pete Doherty’s escalating drug habit drove the band apart, with fellow songwriter Carl Barat charging his friend with theft after Doherty broke into his flat to retrieve a harmonica.

However earlier this year it seemed as if an unlikely re-union could be on the cards. At a benefit show for popular London promoter Johnny Sedassy the pair emerged onstage and ploughed through a host of Libertines tracks.

Neither party has discussed the events in full, but in a new interview Pete Doherty has revealed to The Times that the pair discussed heading back to the studio to work on new material.

“We had a good couple of hours (after the show),” he said.

“We were up all night together. It was amazing really. I think we’re gonna make a record and tour. Get The Libertines to take it to the next step, next stage.”

Pete Doherty has moved on since The Libertines, of course. The singer formed Babyshambles before releasing a solo album earlier this year. Produced by Stephen Street ‘Grace / Wastelands’ revealed a new direction for the songwriter.

“I just see ‘Grace/Wastelands 2’,” he said. “I think I’ve got a ‘Harvest’ (classic Neil Young album) in there. I keep getting flashes of it, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.”

Pete Doherty is due to play a set at Reading and Leeds this summer.

Green Man Festival – which is proud to partner (and we’ve been showing off about it for the past fortnight, with ten TOTD specials and a Top Ten article on must-see acts) – isn’t all great music, y’know. Scratch just beneath the surface – pretty though it obviously is – and there’s a wealth of sideshow delights to be found.

Green Man’s Fiona Stewart here takes us through some of the other attractions at the Brecon Beacons-held festival, which runs August 21-23 – after all, too much good music can be a bad thing. (Well, no, it can’t – Ed.)

Information in Italics taken from the official Green Man website.

– – –

“If you look on the website under line-up you will see a lot of the other areas – these include film, comedy and literature.

“One highlight of our film programme will be on Saturday, when Kieran Evans is curating the tent…”

As well as screening his film Vashti Bunyan – From Here To Before, Kieran Evans will be curating an exciting programme of work for Saturday in the Film Tent. There’ll be a loose theme to the programme with the emphasis on ‘Journey and Discovery’, so expect to see classic music documentaries, some cutting-edge shorts, some exclusive screenings and rare ‘60s animated educational films all mixed up with work from established talents such as The Light Surgeons and films from students from the documentary Course at the University of Wales, based in Caerleon, Newport.

In amongst this there’ll be a selection of films and promos from the mighty Bella Union label, as well as a few choice films from our Fence friends from Fife. As the sun sets and the midnight hour beckons, Stephen Cracknell and his Memory Band will be helping to take it trippy by performing songs from The Wicker Man set to a cut up, re-visioning of the film. Then it’s time for serious psyche-out action as Kieran’s chums Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve select Alejandro Jodorowsky’s cult film Holy Mountain as the midnight movie.

To round things off we go back in time to 1967 and the first summer of love to tune in to the lazy, hazy sounds and trippy, psychedelic visuals of Roger Corman’s classic movie The Trip.

“Literature highlights include Joe Boyd and Robyn Hitchcock on the Saturday, and on the Sunday Jah Wobble will be with Jonnie Green, who was The Clash’s road manager…”

Jah Wobble was right at the heart of Britain’s punk-rock revolution, known and feared as John Lydon’s best mate, an east-ender who never backed away from a fight. After the Sex Pistols split, Lydon invited Wobble to form a new band with him. They were called Public Image Ltd (PiL) and they more or less invented post-punk rock, with Wobble’s utterly original bass playing at the heart of it. After Public Image, Wobble was in at the beginning of what we now call world music, and countless albums since – most recently the much acclaimed ‘Chinese Dub’ – he is still at the heart of it.

He will be reading from his forthcoming autobiography: a frank and controversial account of a life in the music business, the most authentic insider’s account of punk yet written.

“There’s also Richard Milward, appearing on the Friday. He’s the next big thing in British fiction…”

“The new laureate of teen sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll,” according to the Guardian, Milward is a 24-year-old St Martins graduate who belongs in the “anti-tradition of fence-smashing provocateurs whose aesthetics mix trash and transcendence’” (The Independent). Just don’t call him the Irvine Welsh of Middlesbrough (even though Irvine himself described Milward’s debut, Apples, as “one of the best books I’ve ever read about being young, working class and British”). He’ll be reading from Apples, and his new book Ten Storey Love Song.

“Einstein’s Garden is all about science, art and nature. It has an area for adults only, about penises, offering a scientific perspective. There’ll also be a science rapper from Glamorgan, who previously worked for NASA. And there are loads of other areas…

“Green Man funky druids are going to be on site giving you, if you fancy one, a quick blessing. Gourmet food is available on the festival site, and it’s mostly sourced locally – like Cymdu Scool’s sausage and cake stall. Their hand-made organic sausages are actually sourced from the very fields you camp in.

“We have a massage area to get the knots out of your neck in the lavender garden, and there’s piano playing in the End Up bar, which has a 24-hour drinks licence. Of course, sitting by the massive bonfire – is lit at night and put out at dawn – is a great way to meet fellow festival-goers, have a drink and reflect on the day that was. And if it’s something more energetic you’re after, there are DJs playing right through the night.

“Looking at the incredible scenery of the Brecon Beacons surrounding the festival is the final attraction: it’s among the most spectacular backdrops for a festival you’ll ever see.”

– – –

Find the official Green Man Festival website HERE.

News of a stunning new indie collaboration has broken with The Verve’s Nick McCabe and Simon Jones launching a new band with Goldfrapp violinist Davide Rossi.

The Verve are no strangers to surprises, but their recent re-union stunned even their most loyal of fans. The band split in 2000 following the departure of mercurial guitarist Nick McCabe, with singer Richard Ashcroft going on to have a fruitful solo career.

However after months of rumours the band announced a series of live dates and details of a new album. Titled ‘Forth’ it wasn’t quite the fairytale return many had expected, but at least it was new material by The Verve.

Since then the band have seemingly returned to their hiatus, but in a recent development Nick McCabe and Simon Jones have launched a new act. Working with Goldrapp violinist Davide Rossi the new band is called The Black Ships and hopes are high for the new project.

Currently recording new material, The Black Ships are completed by drummer Mig Schillace. Already the band have begun loading new material to their MySpace page with ‘Black Ships On Auto’ available to stream now.

In a statement on the site Davide Rossi claimed that he first met The Verve’s musicians during sessions for last year’s album ‘Forth’.

“After The Verve finished touring in August 2008, it was decided that something new should emerge from such a meeting. That took shape in November 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the band met for the first time to play and record new material straight away.”

“It was then that Nick brought with him long time friend and collaborator Mig Schillace, to complete the rhythmic section and with it the core line-up of the band.”

“Since then the boys have been and are still working on it! It’s a slow process, which needs the care and time that it needs, but music fans out there should expect some teasers real soon!”

The Black Ships are set to confirm details of their debut album soon, with a host of UK tour dates planned.

Comeback kings Noah And The Whale are to launch a two pronged assault on the UK with a series of tour dates and film screenings planned.

Emerging from the ever buoyant London acoustic scene, Noah And The Whale blend indie songcraft with folk instrumentation. Early shows with the likes of Laura Marling showed how strong the scene was, with both acts being snapped up.

The pair re-united on last year’s breezy summer anthem ‘Five Years Time’. Noah And The Whale released their debut album last year to widespread acclaim, but chose to use their time off to create more more.

Reforming as The A Sides, each band member took a pseudonym on the strange new project. Much rockier than their parent band The A Sides released a sole EP before Christmas, playing a handful of live shows.

Noah And The Whale are clearly a band who like to keep busy, then. Less than a year after the release of their debut the band are due to return with their second album ‘First Days Of Spring’ – and have made a film to accompany it.

It seems that producing a film has influenced the band’s music. Noah And The Whale’s new album is a lush, vast affair that makes use of orchestras and choirs. An artistic leap on from their debut it pushes the group into the upper echelons of British music.

The film accompanying the album features a lengthy cast including model Daisy Lowe. Premiered at the recent Latitude festival it is due to be shown at Bristol (August 30th), Manchester (31st), Glasgow (September 1st) and Sheffield (2nd).

Noah And The Whale are due to release their new album ‘First Days Of Spring’ on August 31st. The band have confirmed the following tour dates:

3 London ICA
4 London ICA
27 Gateshead The Sage
28 Leeds The Cockpit
29 Manchester Club Academy

1 Oxford O2 Academy
2 London Koko
4 Norwich Waterfront
5 Cambridge Junction
7 Brighton Concorde
8 Derby Rockhouse
10 Exeter Phoenix
11 Bath Komedia
12 Falmouth Princess Pavillion
14 Sheffield Leadmill
15 Glasgow Oran Mor Auditorium

Click here to buy tickets to Noah And The Whale!

Lock away your daughters (and your mothers too) because Har Mar Superstar is set to make his long awaited comeback.

Real name Sean Tilman, Har Mar Superstar is the living embodiment of filth. Live, the singer writhes and gyrates to his music, often stripping off his clothes to allow the audience to catch a glimpse of his overweight body.

Lewd, crude and hugely funny Har Mar Superstar emerged just after Peaches, with the pair enjoying a kind of equal status in the eyes of many. Recently however the singer has become known less for his music than his media appearances.

A cameo slot in the ‘Starsky And Hutch’ movie was followed by a stint advertising Lynx. However Har Mar Superstar returned last year as part of the live set up for Gruff Rhys’ synth-pop project Neon Neon.

The dance-rock filth merchant hasn’t release a solo album since ‘The Handler’ back in 2004, but is due to return later this year with new material. Amongst the raft of new songs is a track which was rejected by Britney Spears – presumably for being too damn filthy.

‘Tall Boy’ was knocked back by Britney’s management but the song is due to feature on Har Mar Superstar’s new album ‘Dark Touches’. The album is also due to feature ‘Girls’ Night’ – a song originally pitched to be sung by Disney act The Cheetah Girls.

In the past Har Mar Superstar has written for a number of big name acts including Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Osbourne, Ben Adams and many more.

Other guest collaborators on Har Mar Superstar’s new album ‘Dark Touches’ include producers John Fields, Clark Baechle and Jacob Thiele and Rhymesayers’ P.O.S..

Har Mar Superstar is due to release his new album ‘Dark Touches’ on October 12th.

Globe trotting indie giants Coldplay are set to contribute three songs to the forthcoming album by Natalie Imbruglia.

Coming to fame as an actress in Neighbours, Natalie Imbruglia quickly began to move into the music industry. Due to the show’s popularity in the UK the singer was soon able to conquer the British charts.

Thanks to the success of singles such as ‘Torn’ the star’s debut album was a massive success, but since then Imbruglia has taken time off. Returning last year, the singer began working on a new album when she received a call from Chris Martin.

The Coldplay frontman had heard her material and, after meeting her, proposed that the two should swap ideas. Working on a number of songs together it seems that these sessions will now see the light of day.

Natalie Imbruglia’s new album is titled ‘Come To Life’ and is due to be released on October 5th. The record is set to be preceded by the single ‘Want’ which was co-written with Coldplay.

In addition to the lead single Coldplay also helped write two further songs on the album – ‘Lukas’ and ‘Fun’. As well as this Imbruglia shares the group’s producer with legendary soundsmith Brian Eno taking charge of recording sessions for the song ‘Lukas’.

All other songs on the album were produced by Ben Hillier, who has worked with Elbow and reformed Britpop stars Blur.

Coldplay are set to begin work on their new album later this year. The group have vowed to create an experimental return, with drummer Will Champion demoing new material with an array of electronic instruments.

Natalie Imbruglia has announced a show at London’s Luminaire venue for August 12th. Sadly for fans, it has already sold out.

Natalie Imbruglia will release her new album ‘Come To Life’ on October 5th. Tracklisting is as follows:

‘My God’
‘All The Roses’
‘Wild About It’

New Jersey based emo-rockers My Chemical Romance have spoken about their new album, revealing that they have fulfilled their Springsteen fantasies on one track.

You’ve got to love him. After years of being lambasted as dad-rock, the sort of thing Jeremy Clarkson reaches for on his way to the BBC, Bruce Springsteen has suddenly re-emerged as being, well, cool.

A stint on the Barack Obama campaign trail reminded the world that The Boss is a dyed in the wool liberal, a worthy successor to the legacy of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Yet it is his new album ‘Working On A Dream’ and the subsequent Glastonbury set which seems to have re-energised his career.

Hailing from New Jersey, My Chemical Romance share similar origins to Springsteen yet have a vastly different sound. The band’s last album ‘The Black Parade’ was a worldwide success, blending teenage angst with singer Gerard Way’s vivd imagination.

Set to return with their fourth album this year, My Chemical Romance have decided to unleash their inner Boss. In a new interview Gerard Way have compared his band’s new track ‘Death Before Disco’ to Bruce Springsteen’s 1975 cut ‘Born To Run’.

“The songs are all wildly different, but the one I’m really excited about is called ‘Death Before Disco’,” he told Rolling Stone.

“It’s a completely different sound for the band – it’s like an anti-party song that you can party to. I can’t wait for people to hear it. It brings back, lyrically, some of that wonderful fiction from the first album. I think we wrote our ‘Born To Run’, and I’m so amped about that. To me, it’s the greatest song we’ve ever written – it’s my favourite MCR song.”

‘Born To Run’ famously took Springsteen months to complete, bringing his perfectionist tendencies to the fore via a series of lengthy recording sessions. A Wagnerian epic, it is widely regarded as one of his finest tracks.

For his latest album The Boss turned to Brendan O’Brien, who is also working with My Chemical Romance. Way took time to praise the producer saying that “(he has) a process that always keeps everyone involved the whole time”.

A photo Gallery from the Warchild Presents Army of You gig at the Tabernacle, Notting Hill with The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Filthy Dukes, We Have Band and Crystal Fighters.

The annual event seeks to raise awareness and funds for War Child. The international charity working with children in the world’s most dangerous war zones – Iraq, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.
Find out more about Warchild HERE.

Photos by Louise Roberts

Well tap my toes and infect my ears with melody – it seems that Lovvers write pop songs after all.

But these ain’t any old pop songs; there’s none of the schlock that’s more than likely running through your head right now. These are songs possessed by the same visceral strangeness the public felt when Elvis landed from Mars and taught white kids what their waist was for, and though they hailing from the English midlands, Lovvers are so damn good at stirring thoughts of influential stateside acts (think The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, and even Les Savy Fav) you may mistake them for a bunch of Yanks. But while we all appreciate that the Americans have the best tunes right now, Lovvers are possessed with more than enough ideas to give the Stars and Stripes brigade a run for their money.

Don’t enter the experience expecting gloss, though. In the manner of truly great groups like The Minutemen, the songs here are buried beneath a layer of fuzz – genius found in poverty, great art found in the scrap yard. Vocals are indistinct, lyrics near indecipherable, laying a veil of mystery over the album. Every expense is spared on ‘OCD Go Go Go Girls’, because they’ve got nothing to play with. Sure, Lovvers travelled all the way to Portland, Oregon to lay this thing down on tape; but that was just them getting a little further away from the problem, and closer to the solution.

As good as last year’s seven-track EP ‘Think’ was, few (if any) fans felt the band would make such a quantum leap as this with their debut album. Indebted to the great British songwriting tradition as much as they are US punks, Lovvers seem to take notes from Bowie, Swell Maps, Wire and early Creation alongside the furious modern inventions of groups such as No Age and Times New Viking. Fearful of Pro Tools, these are simply great songs striped of any computer-aided illusions. ‘D. Boon’ is a tribute to the fallen leader of the Minutemen, and contains all the inspiration energy of his legendary San Francisco group. ‘Creepy Crawl’ is all punk riffs and bluster but without the clichés – recalling Wire but without seeming retro. The title track (almost) and lead single, ‘OCD Go Go Girls’, is a snake-hipped Bowie salute that seems even more way out than the Spiders From Mars, while ‘100 Flowers’ has all the beauty and menace of Mother Nature when you’ve really pissed her off.

It would be easy to sift through this album and cite the reference points – there’s a lot of them, but that’s not what this album is about. And anyway, such nods appear primarily because Lovvers are clearly huge music fans, making music with hearts in the right place. Inspired by their favourite records, they seem content to capture the shock of the new without merely treading in their heroes footsteps. It’s not perfect, and on occasions borders on the repetitive, but when it clicks ‘OCD Go Go Go Girls’ contains moments that stick a goofy grin on your face and makes you want to grab strangers by the ear and shout: listen to this!